Why Roses In A Box For Mother's Day Will Be Mom's Favorite!

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Why Roses In A Box For Mother's Day Will Be Mom's Favorite!

Forget the fresh flowers that die in a week. If you have a mom or wife who loves getting flowers, you'll definitely want to check out infinity roses in a box for Mother's Day this year! 

Here's why these are the only flowers mom will ever want to get again for Mother's Day.

Roses In A Box Last Forever

Infinity roses in a box have been perfectly preserved in our proprietary glycerin solution to last a year - or longer. The preserving solution we use is all-natural, non-toxic, and the colorants we use are food-grade.

Where fresh-cut flowers die within days, roses in a box will retain their lasting beauty for years to come. Our roses are real roses that are harvested at their peak bloom. The preserving process locks in their perfect shape and even the soft, supple texture of the petals.

Roses In A Box Require No Maintenance

Unlike fresh flowers that require water, fertilizer, and shed leaves and petals as they wilt, infinity roses in a box require absolutely no maintenance. If mom keeps the lid off the display box year round, an occasional dusting is all they need! 

When it comes to location, roses in a box will brighten any home or office space. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and humid rooms (like the bathroom).

Roses In A Box Come In Mom's Favorite Color

When choosing infinity roses in a box for Mother's Day, the sky's the limit when it comes to colors! Choose from more than three dozen colors. From multiple shades of the classics: red, white, and pink, to exotic lilac, turquoise, green tea, and multicolored rainbow. We even have metallic gold, rose gold, silver, and copper roses in a box for a touch of luxury and elegance. 

You can pick a classic pink or blue for new moms, a color to convey a specific message, a color that will match mom's decor, or simply choose her favorite color!

While we have hundreds of arrangement ideas on our website, you can always customize your own. Choose your box size and color, rose colors, and specify a pattern or number to celebrate this particular mother's day, like this pink and white arrangement with the number 5 from mom's five wonderful children! 

Roses In A Box Are Economical & Better For The Environment

Got a cost-conscious or eco-conscious mom? She'll appreciate that infinity roses in a box are actually more affordable than maintaining fresh flowers year round. And because they last for years to come, one box of infinity roses is better for the environment as they require less land, water, and packing and shipping resources!

Shop Roses In A Box For Mother's Day

Make moms day with a one-of-a-kind display of infinity roses in a box from Le Jardin Infini. Shop all of our collections now, or contact us to create a custom display.
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