baby shower

Baby Shower Preserved Roses

The purpose of baby showers is to quite literally shower the parents-to-be in gifts. Most people will give diapers or toys for the baby, but what about the parents? Preserved roses are the perfect low-maintenace, high impact gift that parents can enjoy for a year, or longer!

Pink, Blue, Or Something In-Between!

Naturally, soft pink preserved roses or baby blue preserved roses are the top picks for a baby shower. If the theme of the shower is blue for a baby boy on the way, you could customize a beautiful pattern of baby blue, royal blue, and grey. These colors will complement each other and will make an elegant addition to the baby's nursery for mom to enjoy every day. For a pink-themed shower, a sweet mixture of vintage pink, lilac, and white would lend the nursery a feminine touch with a surprising pop of girly color. If the gender is unknown, green, cream, and yellow preserved roses will brighten any space and keep it neutral.

Using Preserved Roses Beyond Gifts

Since baby showers are usually big events for friends and family to attend, preserved roses can also be used as decoration and centerpieces, as place settings, raffle prizes, and parting gifts if you choose single preserved roses. That way guests can take home something that will remind them of the special day until long after the baby is born!

Safe For Babies

Preserved roses from Le Jardin Infini are completely safe to use in nurseries as they are 100% natural, non-toxic, and fragrance-free. We don't use any artificial fragrance or perfumes, and our natural glycerin preserving solution and food-grade colorants ensure our preserved roses are safe for babies.

Best of all, because preserved roses do not require maintenance like watering, sunlight, or plant food; they are super easy to maintain -- even with a new baby in the house! New parents can enjoy the sight of gorgeous and colorful preserved roses for a year or longer.

Shop our entire collection of preserved roses online for baby showers now, or call (844) 552-7346 to create a custom arrangement.