Congratulations Preserved Roses

Tell them "Congratulations" with a beautiful arrangement or preserved roses that last forever! With 13 different box collections and more than two dozen roses colors, you can choose from hundreds of arrangements to find the perfect gift that conveys your congrats on a friend, colleague, or loved one's accomplishment.

Occasions That Deserve A Congratulations

As we go along our normal days, someone somewhere is celebrating an accomplishment. It may be big or small, but having that accomplishment acknowledged will truly make their day. If a loved one, friend, colleague or other person in your life has something to celebrate, put a smile on their face with an arrangement of box flowers.

Our preserved roses that last forever are perfect for congratulating someone on any occasion:

  • New job or promotion
  • Retirement
  • Graduation
  • Engagement or wedding
  • Pregnancy, new baby or adoption
  • Acceptance to college
  • Passes professional exam or licensure

 What Color Congratulations Preserved Roses

While the recipient's favorite color will do just fine, you may want to choose a specific color based on the occasion you're congratulating them on. 

For example, green and turquoise represent femininity and fertility, making them the perfect congratulations gift for a pregnancy announcement. Blue represents loyalty, trust, and respect, making blue box flowers ideal for retirement. Yellow box flowers symbolize friendship, warmth, and joy, making them perfect for a friend, coworker, or teacher. 

Shop Roses That Last Forever For Congratulations From Le Jardin Infini 

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