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Mother's Day Preserved Roses

Mother’s Day is a special day to recognize and appreciate all that our mothers do for us. The least we can do is get our mothers a thoughtful. heart-warming present. Instead of a fresh-cut bouquet that dies in a week, consider preserved roses for Mother's Day instead!

A Color For Every Mom

Nothing says you have to stick with traditional red or pink preserved roses for Mother's Day. Let mom's personality and preferences guide you! In addition to being a considerate gift, preserved roses double as beautiful decor or centerpieces year-round. Choose bright colors like yellow, lilac, turquoise, royal blue, or green to match her decor, or select soft neutral colors like vanilla creme, khaki, dusty pink, or gold that will make an elegant addition to any space. 

Soft pink and baby blue preserved roses are perfect for a woman's 1st Mother's Day after welcoming a new baby. 

Custom Mother's Day Preserved Roses

Le Jardin’s selection of preserved roses is unbeatable, and we offer a wide variety of rose colors, box colors, and sizes for every occasion and budget. If one rose is not enough, you can choose from small, medium, or large boxes that contain anywhere from 4 to 80 roses!

You can also customize your own box of preserved roses with the exact size and color you desire. We can even include numbers, letters, and patterns with multiple rose colors so that you can celebrate a special occasion, such as your wife's 1st Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Preserved Roses That Last A Year Or Longer

The most amazing thing about preserved roses is that they last a year or longer. Live flowers will only last about a week, even with constant upkeep. Preserved roses are very low maintenance and will retain their vibrant color and soft, supple texture for an entire year. 

Did you know that Mother’s Day is actually the number one holiday for giving flowers? Don’t slack on Mother’s Day with the excuse of “I don’t know what to get my mom,” because preserved roses are a gorgeous and thoughtful gift that any mother will adore! 

Shop our entire collection of Mother's Day preserved roses online now, or call (844) 552-7346 to create a custom arrangement.