Valentine's Day Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are a beautiful and classic gift for Valentine’s Day. This day is known all over the world for its red preserved roses, chocolates, and teddy bears. But who says Valentine's Day preserved roses can only be red? 

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Preserved Roses For Every Stage Of Your Relationship

Pink preserved roses are perfect for new relationships and budding romances. The color pink symbolizes sweetness, admiration, and affection, making them a meaningful gift for that special someone. For married couples and those in long-term relationships, burgundy preserved roses symbolize your everlasting love and deep commitment to your partner and are bound to make them feel loved. Gold preserved roses symbolize eternity, and your significant other will be blown away to receive one of these gorgeous shiny arrangements delivered to their home or office. 

Valentine's Day Preserved Roses In Every Size

Choose from affordable single preserved roses, or make a grand romantic gesture with more than one dozen, two dozen, three dozen, or four dozen roses - or more. Our jaw-dropping large heart shaped boxes come with up to 80 preserved roses! Complete your thoughtful gift of preserved roses with a personalized note and a yummy sweet treat

Preserved Roses That Last A Year Or Longer

Preserved roses from Le Jardin Infini come from Colombia and Ecuador and are cut at peak bloom to achieve the fullest most beautiful roses possible. This eliminates the problem of having awkward baby buds that you sometimes get in fresh-cut roses. The other problems with fresh roses? They only last about a week before withering and dying. 

Our preserved roses last a year - or longer - with very little maintenance. Just give them an occasional dusting and keep them out of direct sunlight and heat, and you will enjoy your preserved roses until next Valentine's Day!

Shop our entire collection of Valentine's Day preserved roses online now, or call (844) 552-7346 to create a custom arrangement.


Surprise your loved ones with luxury preserved roses in a box the last for years