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Preserved Flowers As Corporate Gifts

Companies have many opportunities to give gifts to employees, customers, partners and sponsors. Forever flowers make for a unique gift for any occasion, and with arrangements at every price point, starting at $49, Le Jardin Infini can help your business stand apart.

Why Give Infinity Flowers As Corporate Gifts

Companies always have a reason to show gratitude and recognition to the people who support them. Some of the ways businesses can use infinity flowers as corporate gifts include:

  • Sales Incentives - Reward your sales associates with an arrangement of preserved roses based on their goal. From a single rose, to a stunning display of more than four dozen forever flowers, you can find a display to meet your needs. Our Large Square collection is the perfect size for using multiple rose colors to create patterns, letters, or numbers in order to celebrate a special occasion or achievement. 
  • Partners & Sponsors - Thank the people who support you with an annual gift of infinity flowers in a box. Any of our displays are fully customizable, so you can create an arrangement with your partner or sponsor's logo colors, or a pattern to commemorate the year's accomplishments.
  • Customers - Especially for retail, restaurants and other business-to-customer establishments, forever flowers can be used to enhance your existing products or services. Think gifts with purchase, sales promotions, and bonuses for a loyalty program. 
  • Retirement - Congratulate employees on their retirement and thank them for their years of service with preserved roses. Choose white, black, grey, blue, green, or cherry blossom roses to represent their new chapter in life and wish them the best. 

Shop Preserved Roses As Corporate Gifts From Le Jardin Infini

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