Le Jardin Infini,

where passion and purity meets longevity

Throughout the world, the rose has come to mean everything from innocence to intrigue, purity to passion, friendship to fascination, and new love to eternal longing.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is often depicted with roses. Mythology of India says that Vishnu formed his bride from rose petals.

And in 19th century Europe, rose bouquets communicated messages of love, lust and devotion.

The rose stands as a symbol in the world’s greatest love poems and works of art. Yet the bloom itself has been fleeting and fragile. Until now.

Enter the infinite garden,
where the delicate rose offers lasting beauty

Now, the rose can be preserved for at least a full year—and Le Jardin Infini brings it to you in an exquisite presentations.

For anyone who appreciates the beauty of the rose and values a unique, deeply emotional gift like this, Le Jardin Infini roses are simply unparalleled.