Birthday Preserved Roses

Are you looking for a birthday gift that warms the heart and brightens the soul? Preserved roses require little to no maintenance, yet they last a year or longer! Because these roses last much longer than fresh flowers, the recipient will have a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gesture. 


Every Color Preserved Rose Under The Rainbow

Birthday gifts, and parties, are generally celebrated using bright, festive colors. Even the littlest birthday boy or girl will go wild for a big box of bright turquoise, neon green, hot pink, or rainbow preserved roses! For teen girls, rose gold, vanilla cream, and soft pink preserved roses are fit for a princess. Even the guys in your life will appreciate a handsome display of royal blue, black, gray, or gold preserved roses

In addition to the hundreds of small, medium, and large displays we carry, we also offer custom arrangement services so that you can create the perfect birthday gift. Use multiple color roses to create letters, numbers, or patterns to celebrate a special birthday, or simply select your favorite color in the exact box size and color that you want. When you mix and match, there are literally thousands of combinations to choose from!

Using Preserved Roses Beyond Gifts

Preserved rose displays are also perfect when used as decorations for a party or as centerpieces. Single preserved roses can even be used as place settings for sit-down dinners and as parting gifts for guests. A gorgeous pink rose in an acrylic box beats a bag of cheap party favors any day for a little princess's birthday tea party!

Shop our entire collection of birthday preserved roses online now, or call (844) 552-7346 to create a custom arrangement.