New Baby

Preserved Roses For New Baby 

Have a friend or family member that just welcomed a new baby? Infinity roses are the ultimate gift as they require NO maintenance and can be enjoyed in the nursery - or anywhere else - for years to come! 

Eternal Flowers Are Maintenance-Free & Non-Toxic

New parents are exhausted. While fresh flowers may be a welcome gift initially, they require watering and fertilizing before eventually dropping petals all over the counter and dying. No new parent has time for that! 

Infinity roses require absolutely no maintenance aside from an occasion dusting, and they stay looking as beautiful, fresh, and vibrant as the day you receive them, for a year - or longer! New parents will appreciate being able to enjoy them for so long without the hassle of maintenance that fresh flowers require. 

Eternal roses are also completely non-toxic and safe for baby's nursery. Le Jardin Infini uses an all-natural glycerin preserving solution and food-grade colorants to preserve our roses. And unlike other companies, we do not spray our roses with artificial fragrance. They are completely fragrance-free and safe to be around even the tiniest noses!

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