Preserved Roses For Retirement

Retirement is a big milestone in anyone's life. It's time to clock out for the last time and enjoy the good life! If you're looking for a unique retirement gift that will make a lasting impression, boxed roses are flowers that last forever, which means the retiree will enjoy them for years to come!

What Color To Choose For Preserved Roses For Retirement

You can certainly choose any color you think the recipient will enjoy. But if you want the preserved rose color to convey a specific meaning, consider these colors of flowers that last forever:

White or Black - White and black preserved roses have many meanings, including the celebration of new beginnings, the end of one chapter in life, and the start of a new one -- which retirement certainly is!

Grey or Cream - Grey and cream boxed roses are an ideal gift from an employer to an employee as these are balanced neutral colors that are formal, timeless, and practical. 

Green & Neon Green - Green preserved roses symbolize abundance, richness, and wealth, neon green represents determination toward achieving goals - certainly appropriate for someone who achieves a comfortable retirement!

Cherry Blossom - Cherry blossom boxed roses symbolize good fortune, happiness, optimism and renewal, making them perfect for a loved one starting a new chapter in life. 

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