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Rose Color Meaning

Convey romance or love, joy, purity, abundance, strength, and more. Learn more about rose color and their meaning

The Red Rose Meaning

what do red roses mean Used by many early cultures as decorations during marriage ceremonies, red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and are a way to say "I love you." The red rose has also reflected beauty and perfection.

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The White Rose Meaning

what do White roses mean White roses represent innocence, truth and new beginnings. Traditionally used in weddings, white roses also figure prominently in other significant celebrations, such as baptisms, graduations and confirmations. White roses also have deep connections to notions of purity and can express remembrance and reverence.

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The Pink Rose Meaning

what do soft pink roses mean As a color, soft pink represents admiration, grace and joy, and, when combined with the universal beauty of a rose, expresses admiration and appreciation. Pale pink roses signify sweetness and grace and are the perfect gift at the beginning of a relationship or romance.

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The Black Rose Meaning

what do black roses mean Black roses can have many meanings. While traditionally associated with death and mourning, they're commonly seen at funerals and around Halloween. They can also represent tragic love and revenge and are customary gifts between enemies in fictitious stories. But black roses can also symbolize the peaceful end of one chapter in life, and the rebirth of new beginnings in another, making them an appropriate gift for retirement, career changes, and graduations.

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The Yellow Rose Meaning

what do Yellow roses mean Yellow roses are theepitome of happiness, joy, warmth, and friendship. They traditionally have noromantic meaning, and instead are an appropriate gift of flowers betweenfriends. Yellow roses are perfect as thank you, get well, thinking of you,cheer up, and "just because" gifts. They make beautiful teacherappreciation and corporate gifts, and will brighten any home as a housewarminggift. Used with soft pink and baby blue, yellow roses also make gorgeousSpringtime centerpieces and displays.

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The Khakhi Rose Meaning

what do Khakhi roses mean Khakhi preserved roses from le-jardin-infini are a beautiful, modern color that pairs well with many other preserved rose colors.

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The Purple Rose Meaning

what do Purple roses mean Purple roses primarily stand for enchantment. The giver of the purple rose seeks to convey that he or she has fallen in love with the recipient at the very first sight. A deep magnetism and charm that makes the recipient almost irresistible is what the purple rose seeks to convey. The purple rose also stands for majesty and luxury, making it a perfect hue to convey luxury to it’s recipient.

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The Royal Blue Rose Meaning

what do blue roses mean Roses cannot produce a blue pigment, which makes this color magical, as well as mysterious. Royal blue expresses mystery and rarity, paired with an imagination and magical outlook on life. This hue is perfect for a unique or exotic individual, always capable of achieving the impossible. Royal blue also represents royal blood or demeanor.

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The Grey Rose Meaning

what do Grey roses mean Grey is a cool, neutral, and balanced color that’s associated with formality.

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The Gold Rose Meaning

what do gold roses mean When the delicate rose is preserved in gold, it represents both the love that the rose symbolizes and the permanence of the precious metal. Dipping roses in gold preserves the elegance and beauty of a rose forever in a metal that is just as exquisite as the rose itself. It makes a lasting statement of the emotions expressed by giving roses. 

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The Rose Gold Meaning

what do rose gold roses mean Rose gold, also known as pink gold, represents love. Both warm and flushed, rose gold adds a vintage, old world luxury to any arrangement. Can be used alongside another color or as a full arrangement. It’s the perfect hue for that classic gift.

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The Hot Pink Rose Meaning

what do hot pink roses mean Pink is the color of tenderness and love. Long associated with softness and femininity, it is said to increase sweetness in one’s life. Hot pink adds a spike of excitement and sexiness to any arrangement. Perfect for the irresistible individual.

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The Gold Rose Meaning

Gold preserved roses from le-jardin-infini are a stunning addition to any arrangement. Traditionally, gold represents wealth, luxury, and opulence. Like the precious metal, gold preserved roses also represent permanence, making them the ultimate gift to express your everlasting love or when congratulating a loved on a milestone like graduation or retirement

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The Bright Red Rose Meaning

what do Bright Red roses mean Used by many early cultures as decorations during marriage ceremonies, red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and are a way to say "I love you." The red rose has also reflected beauty and perfection.

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The Baby Blue Rose Meaning

what do Baby Blue roses mean Blue roses do not occur naturally. Because scientists have never been able to engineer a rose to bloom in blue, blue roses symbolize mystery and longing to attain the impossible. Some believe that those who hold a blue rose will have their wishes granted. Perfect for gender reveals, baby showers, and spring festivities, baby blue is soft and inviting enough for every occasion.

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The Turquoise Rose Meaning

what do Turquoise roses mean Turquoise roses do not occur naturally, so this exotic color makes for an exciting and rare gift for any occasion. Traditionally, turquoise represents tranquility, relaxation,nature, and renewal. It can also represent feminine energy, intuition, and fertility,making turquoise roses the perfect gift of respect between husband and wife.Because turquoise has gained so much popularity in modern design, these roses also make unique bridesmaid gifts, wedding centerpieces, and decorative elements around a home.

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The Orange Rose Meaning

what do orange roses mean Orange roses are vivid,uplifting, and energetic, making them perfect for any occasion when you want to brighten someone's day, say thank you, get well, or congratulations. Fiery orange also represents passion, desire, and fascination, which makes these roses a modern alternative to traditional red roses when given to someone you find alluring. Orange rose colors also include subtle variations such as peach,coral, salmon, and melon.

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The Champagne Rose Meaning

what do Champagne roses mean Off-white shades of cream,ivory, eggshell, champagne, and vanilla cream roses represent softness,elegance, and sophistication. They convey thoughtfulness without romantic intentions, making them a tasteful gift between friends and colleagues. Cream is also a classic choice for centerpieces and parting gifts at dinner parties and black-tie events, and is a stylish alternative to stark white for modern weddings.

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The Bright Lilac Rose Meaning

what do Bright Lilac roses mean A softer version of its vibrant purple sister, lilac roses symbolize positivity, hope, longevity, good health and fortune, making them a thoughtful gift for someone overcoming an illness. Lilac roses are also a unique alternative to red roses for anniversaries and as a gift between lovers to convey their strong, everlasting love. Lilac also adds a soft pop of color to modern weddings, Springtime brunches, and baby showers when the gender is a surprise.

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The Burgundy Rose Meaning

what do Burgundy roses mean A deeper, richer shade of red, burgundy roses have a profoundly more meaningful symbolism than traditional bright red roses. Burgundy conveys unfathomable passion, loyalty,commitment, and desire for the recipient, making them the perfect gift of love for anniversaries and in serious relationships. On the flipside, burgundy also represents luxury, class, and sophistication, making these roses an appropriate corporate gift, dinner party gift, or centerpieces for a black-tie event.

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The Green Rose Meaning

what do green roses mean Green roses can have many meanings. Green traditionally symbolizes abundance, richness, and wealth. It is also the color of nature and can represent life, spirit, renewal, new beginnings, and fertility. Because green roses do not occur in nature, they make a mesmerizing and distinctive gift for any occasion. Give them to new moms as a unique alternative to blue or pink, to a graduate, to a friend with a new house or job,or "just because" when you want to wow someone.

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The Rainbow Rose Meaning

what do rainbow roses mean The rainbow rose is filled with meaning as each color represents different things: red for life, blue for art, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, and violet for spirit. This vibrant rose collection breathes life into any room. It works well for a children’s fun birthday party, to bring light into someone's day, or as a get-well gift! The rainbow rose will definitely stand out and serve as a unique way to represent the cheerfulness of life. 

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The Vanilla Cream Rose Meaning

what do Vanilla Cream roses mean The soft, dainty vanilla cream rose creates a peaceful environment and makes for a meaningful present for a family member or friend. Cream is a neutral, calm, and relaxing color. This rose would be the perfect touch to any wedding because of its beauty and elegance. Because it is not pure white, it creates a classic country feel, making it an interesting and thoughtful gift for someone who loves the rustic look. It’s lack of bright color makes it easy to pair with other decorative pieces. 

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The Neon Green Rose Meaning

what do bright neon roses mean The bright neon green rose is a unique way of symbolising your focus on life. This color represents determination towards achieving your goals. It highlights strong willpower and bravery, making it an awesome gift for a friend of either gender. This rose can act as the perfect table topper for a 70’s disco party or a lush garden party where the green will stand out even surrounded by nature. Neon green pairs best with pinks that fall in the red violet range on the color wheel. 

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The Vintage Pink Rose Meaning

what do Vintage Pink roses mean As a dustier shade of light pink, the vintage pink rose creates a sense of sweetness, grace, and joy. This more modern shade works well with today’s trendy distressed and vintage design and decor. The name itself implies its perfect use in a vintage style barn wedding as a centerpiece, or for a new mom decorating her vintage themed nursery. This color is universal and can act as the prettiest gift for many different occasions.

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The Warm Yellow Rose Meaning

The color yellow can either be bright like sunshine or warm like Beauty and the Beast. This calming warm color symbolizes creativity, happiness, and peace. The color of this rose will pop against any background and is perfect as a “get well” present for someone recovering from illness. The color yellow is also gender-neutral and works well for baby showers! The warm yellow rose can be sent to your friends, family, or special someone to create a sense of happiness and brighten their day.

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The Dark Lilac Rose Meaning

Dark Lilac preserved roses from le-jardin-infini are a beautiful, modern color that pairs well with many other preserved rose colors.

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The Cherry Bolossom Rose Meaning

what do Cherry Blossom roses mean Cherry Blossom roses are the perfect blend between pink and purple. Their color is very symbolic as it represents a time of renewal as well as happiness and optimism. In Japan, the cherry blossom symbolizes good fortune, making this color rose the perfect gift to a loved one who is graduating or recently got a promotion. This color also represents love and affection. The unique cherry blossom rose can be sent as a reminder to someone that they are not alone.

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The Peach Rose Meaning

what do Peach roses mean Peach preserved roses from le-jardin-infini are a beautiful, modern color that pairs well with many other preserved rose colors.

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The Copper Rose Meaning

what do Copper roses mean Copper roses from le-jardin-infini Roses are a gorgeous, pinkish-orange metallic color that looks stunning alone or as part of an arrangement. Like the precious metal, copper roses symbolize the flow of energy, welcoming positivity and dispelling negative energy. Copper preserved roses are the perfect choice for a loved one overcoming a challenge, embarking on a new journey in life, or starting a new job or moving into a new house.

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The Silver Rose Meaning

what do Silver roses mean Silver preserved roses from le-jardin-infini are a beautiful, modern color that pairs well with many other preserved rose colors. Like other precious metals, silver represents wealth and luxury.

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What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are roses that last forever in a box. They were picked at their perfect bloom and dipped into a non-toxic formula to preserve their natural beauty all year long. All of our preserved roses in the box are made with fragrance-free roses

How long do preserved roses last?

Our forever roses in a box last a year or longer. Many customers have said that they have been able to make their arrangements last well over a year with proper care.

Do preserved roses require any maintenance?

Our long-lasting roses in a box require no maintenance whatsoever. They may benefit from a light dusting occasionally.

Celebrating an Event?

Looking to elevate your event? Contact us at info@lejardininfini.com, and we will work with you to create the perfect preserved flower arrangement for any of your events!

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