Just Because Preserved Roses

Sometimes the best surprises come from a friend or loved one "just because." Someone special is on your mind and you want to put a smile on their face. And nothing will brighten their day more than a delivery of a beautiful arrangement of boxed roses!

Just Because Forever Roses For Every Occasion

There are endless opportunities to send someone boxed roses "just because." Need some inspiration?

  • You're thinking of someone
  • You want someone to know you love them
  • You miss someone
  • You saw or heard something that reminded you of someone
  • You want someone to know you're there for them
  • You want to cheer someone up
  • It's a random Friday and you want to make someone as happy as you are!

What Color To Choose For Just Because Boxed Roses

With more than two dozen colors of preserved roses to choose from and nine box colors, you're sure to find the perfect color combination to make someone's day.

Traditionally, yellow, light yellow, and orange forever roses symbolize friendship, joy, warmth, and happiness. 

Or, simply choose the recipient's favorite color that you know will make them happy without reading into the meaning behind the color. We offer both classic rose colors, as well as exotic colors like turquoise, lilac, rainbow, and green tea. See how good it feels to send someone a box of their favorite color roses today "just because!" 

Shop Just Because Preserved Roses From Le Jardin Infini

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