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Preserved Roses For Sympathy & Funerals 

Flowers are a common gift of love and support when someone passes away. They are versatile in that they can be sent to the family's home, to a loved one at the office, or directly to the funeral home to be displayed during the wake or funeral. Eternal roses that last a year for sympathy and funerals are superior to fresh-cut flowers because they last a year or longer and require no maintenance, making preserved roses a beautiful, lasting memory of a loved one's life.

What Color Eternal Roses For Sympathy & Funerals?

Traditionally, white preserved roses are given for sympathy and displayed at funerals. White roses symbolize hope, purity, and innocence. When used for sympathy and funerals, they symbolize respect, remembrance, and rebirth from one life to the next. 

Black eternal roses are another option as they traditionally symbolize death, mourning, despair, and farewell. Another option is dark red or burgundy preserved roses as they can symbolize grief and sorrow.

When sending sympathy eternal roses to a friend, light yellow can represent your support and friendship, while offering a pop of color that may help cheer your friend in the coming months and years. 

Other Ways To Use Preserved Roses For Funerals

In addition to sending sympathy roses that last forever to a grieving friend or loved one, they make beautiful and elegant decorations for a wake, memorial, or funeral service. Boxes of preserved roses can be displayed on entryway tables next to the guest book or on reception tables. They can also be placed at the ends of rows or around the casket in lieu of traditional wreaths and sprays. 

Shop Le Jardin Infini For Sympathy & Funeral Eternal Roses

Shop Le Jardin Infini to find the perfect arrangement of preserved roses that last a year for sympathy or funerals. Looking for a personal display to commemorate a loved one's life? Call (844) 552-7346 to create a custom arrangement.