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The Best Preserved Rose Colors For Mother's Day

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The Best Preserved Rose Colors For Mother's Day

This year, instead of giving mom a bouquet of fresh flowers that will die in a week, surprise her with eternal roses that last a year - or longer! Wondering how to choose the best preserved rose colors for Mother's Day?

Here are some tips.

Pick Her Favorite Color

This may be the simplest and most obvious! Since mom will be enjoying the boxed preserved roses until next Mother's Day or longer, giving her an arrangement containing her favorite colors is a sure bet. 

Le Jardin Infini offers more than three dozen preserved rose colors. Everything from classic pinks, whites, and reds, to bold and bright colors like lilac and turquoise. 

If mom loves more than one color, you can customize your own arrangement in any size box using multiple rose colors to create a pattern. We can even create a custom number or letter pattern to celebrate a special occasion, like mom's first Mother's Day! 

Pick A Color That Matches Her Home Decor

Since boxed roses are so long-lasting, you may prefer to pick a color that you know will match mom's decor so that it becomes a part of the home. If she favors bold colors, you can certainly go that route! Many of our customers choose neutral colors like khaki, white, gray, cream, or a metallic like gold, copper, rose gold, or silver.

For moms with trendy and rustic farmhouse decor, softer colors like vintage pink, cherry blossom, green tea, and warm yellow add a muted but gorgeous pop of color in light and airy rooms. 

Pick A Color To Send A Message

Finally, don't forget that rose colors have very real meanings that have been used to communicate feelings for hundreds of years! While modern colors have been added and new meanings have evolved, these are some preserved rose colors for Mother's Day that would be perfect:

Pink - Pink roses symbolize sweetness, grace, joy, admiration, and appreciation - the perfect message to send on Mother's Day to thank mom for all she is and does. Pink roses are ideal from a husband to wife. 

Turquoise - Turquoise roses symbolize feminine energy, fertility, and intuition - the perfect alternative to pink as a gift of admiration and respect from husband to wife. 

Yellow - Yellow roses convey happiness, warmth, positivity, and appreciation -  they're sure to put a smile on any mom's face, and are more appropriate for other moms in your life, like sisters and aunts. 

Gold - Gold roses symbolize strength and everlasting love - they're ideal for adult children to give to mom on Mother's Day to convey their eternal respect, gratitude, and respect. 

Shop Mother's Day Preserved Roses Now

Le Jardin Infini features hundreds of arrangements in every size, color and price point so that you can find the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us at 1-844-5-JARDIN (527346) to talk about a custom arrangement. Remember, preserved rose arrangements are only delivered Monday through Friday, so order early in time for Mother's Day!

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