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Are Preserved Roses Worth It?

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Are Preserved Roses Worth It?

At first glance, the price of a preserved roses might seem expensive compared to fresh roses, but there is far more to the story than just price! A lot of people want to know, are preserved roses worth it for the money? Let's break it down, and then you can decide for yourself.

Cost Of Preserved Roses Vs. Fresh Roses

Yes, there's more to the story, but cost is almost always the first and deciding factor. So let's do a side-by-side comparison of maintaining two dozen red roses for one year.

Initial Investment:

25 Red Preserved Roses in a White Box from the Le Jardin Medium Square Collection: $189

24 Fresh Cut Red Roses in a Clear Vase from $54.99

The initial investment of preserved roses is more expensive. However, they last a year… or longer. In fact, when properly stored, they can last up to three years. Fresh flowers last for about a week. 

Annual Investment (52 weeks in a year):

25 Red Preserved Roses in a White Box from the Le Jardin Medium Square Collection: $0

24 Fresh Red Roses in a Clear Vase from $2,859.48

Even if you stretch your fresh flowers to last more than a week, you're still looking at over $1,000 to maintain fresh flowers year-round. 

Meanwhile, your preserved roses look unchanged, just as vibrant and supple as the day you received them -- without spending an additional dime. 


Fresh flowers require maintenance. You have to change the water, prune back dead leaves and buds, and add plant food. It's time you could spend doing other things. 

Preserved flowers require virtually no maintenance. Simply display them out of direct sunlight and humidity, and give them an occasional light dusting. That's it! 

Flower Quality

The roses we choose for preservation are picked at their peak bloom, when they are their most gorgeous and full. Then, they are preserved to maintain this perfect state for a year or longer.

When you buy fresh roses throughout the year, you will not always receive the same quality. Seasons and growing conditions affect the quality at different times, even in tropical climates where roses can be grown year-round.  

Lasting Reminder

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing preserved roses is that they truly last a full year, or even longer. A loved one may enjoy receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers for a birthday or anniversary, but in no time they're wilted and trashed. 

A preserved flower arrangement will be a constant reminder of an occasion and the thoughtful gesture behind it. A box of preserved roses also looks gorgeous displayed around your home or office, and can become a semi-permanent decoration that guests can't help but admire.

Are Preserved Roses Worth It?

When it comes down to it, think about what the recipient would appreciate more: a fresh bouquet that they can enjoy for a week, or preserved roses that last a year or longer? Seems pretty clear! Start your search for the perfect arrangement today at Le Jardin Infini.
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