How Are Forever Roses Preserved?

How Are Forever Roses Preserved?

Preserved roses that last a year or longer are a beautiful addition to any space. They're virtually maintenance-free, stay vibrant all year long, and are far more economical than maintaining fresh cut flowers over a year.

But a lot of people are curious, how are forever roses preserved? Let's dig into the preservation process and what you can expect if you send or receive preserved roses.

How Are Forever Roses Preserved?

First, it's important to clear up the fact that our preserved roses are 100% real roses. They are not silk or fake roses, even though they may appear so because they are so perfectly pristine.

Our real roses are harvested from Colombia and Ecuador, countries renowned for their rose exports. They are picked at their absolute fullest and most beautiful peak bloom. Next, the stems are submerged into the preserving formula for several days until the solution has replaced all of the natural sap and water in the rose. Le Jardin Infini uses a proprietary, non-toxic glycerin-based formula to preserve our roses. Finally, the roses are dyed using a food-safe colorant to achieve a vibrant uniform color and create some of the more exotic colors that we offer. 

The result is a perfectly preserved rose, frozen in time, that remains bright, soft, and supple just like the day it was picked. 

Are Preserved Roses Toxic?

No! Our preserving formula is an all-natural, glycerin-based formula that is completely safe to smell, touch and even ingest. It has no toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic, or explosive chemicals. The preserving solution and colorants we use can even be found in food and medical applications. In fact, if your pet accidentally eats the flowers (which would be extremely unfortunate for you!), it will not harm them. When it's time to dispose of your preserved flowers, they will not harm the environment. 

Do Preserved Roses Smell?

No. The preserving solution we use leaves behind no unpleasant or lingering odors. Additionally, while some other preserved rose companies infuse their roses with fragrance or spray them with rose-scented eau de toilette, our roses are fragrance- and allergen-free. We believe in delivering only the highest quality rose as nature intended it. 

We do not recommend spraying your roses with any type of fragrance as it can lead to discoloration and faster deterioration. If you want a subtle rose scent, a reed diffuser placed near the arrangement is the best way to impart the aroma of rose into your room. We also do not recommend using a cool air mist essential oil diffuser near preserved roses as they should be kept away from humidity. 

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