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5 Ways Preserved Roses Are Better For The Environment

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5 Ways Preserved Roses Are Better For The Environment

Preserved roses are gaining in popularity lately, and for good reason! There are so many things to love about giving (and receiving) a gorgeous display of preserved roses in a box. One benefit that you can feel really good about is that preserved roses are better for the environment than traditional fresh-cut flowers.

Here's why.

Preserved Roses Last A Year (Or Longer!)

Our preserved roses in a box last a year or longer. If you normally keep fresh-cut flowers in your home or business, you know that they only last for about a week before dying and you have to replace them. Even if you only buy one dozen roses per week, that's more than 600 roses that have to be grown, harvested, and shipped. That requires an incredible amount of resources: land, water, and fertilizer to grow the roses, and warehouses, plastic wrap, and gas to package and ship them.

Because preserved roses last so long, fewer roses have to be grown, processed, and shipped. You will enjoy the same 12 roses all year long, and they will remain as beautiful, bright, and supple as the day they were picked. Buying preserved roses is one way you can reduce your carbon footprint and feel good about helping the environment.

Preserved Roses Are Real Roses

Our preserved roses are 100% real roses imported from Ecuador and Colombia, countries renowned for their incredible rose industry. There is no plastic, silk, or any other synthetic ingredients in our preserved roses. 

Preserved Roses Are Non-Toxic

Many people are concerned that preserved roses have toxic chemicals, but not ours. We gently dehydrate our roses and then use an all-natural, proprietary glycerin solution that replaces the sap and moisture to preserve them. This means they're soft and supple, just like fresh-cut flowers. Then, in order to achieve a consistent, vibrant color, we use 100% food-grade colorants and dyes. Our preserved roses are also fragrance-free and contain no artificial perfumes, so even people with allergies and respiratory illnesses can enjoy them. 

While you should not eat preserved roses, if your dog accidentally gets into them, you can rest easy knowing that they are completely non-toxic! 

Preserved Roses Are More Economical

While preserved roses are more expensive upfront, when you compare the cost with buying a dozen fresh-cut roses every week, you actually save more than $2,000 per year

Preserved Roses Require No Maintenance

Unlike fresh-cut flowers that require you to change the water, add plant food, and prune away the dead leaves and buds, preserved roses require no maintenance aside from a light dusting when the box is open. When kept out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, many customers have said that their preserved roses last as long as 3 years. 

Buy Preserved Roses Online From Le Jardin Infini

When you give preserved roses, not only are you giving a gorgeous display that will be enjoyed for a year or longer, but you can feel good knowing that you're making a better choice for the environment. Shop our entire collection of preserved roses online, or call (844) 552-7346 to learn more about our roses. 

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