Using Eternal Roses In A Box For Baby Showers

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Using Eternal Roses In A Box For Baby Showers

Baby showers are a beautiful way to shower a new mom with love and gifts! And let's be real. Today's baby showers are sometimes just as much fun for the guests with the games, amazing food spreads, and themed adult beverages. If you want to elevate your baby shower - or your friend's - using eternal roses in a box is the perfect way to make lasting memories.

As Centerpieces

For a formal seated baby shower brunch, eternal roses in a box make the perfect centerpiece. Arrangements from our Medium Round or Medium Square collections are the perfect size for centerpieces and still allow conversation between guests. 

Speaking of conversation, roses in a box are the perfect conversation starter between guests that don't know each other! Expect a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" as guests inspect the roses in a box, touching them to see if they're real (they are!) and asking the host where they got them. 

As Place Settings

Another idea for a seated brunch or lunch is using a single eternal rose in a box at each individual guests' place setting. Le Jardin Infini offers single roses in a box in a Small Round box, or a single rose in an Acrylic Box with a drawer -- perfect for a small note for each guest. At the end of the baby shower, guests can take their rose in a box home for a lasting memory of the beautiful day! 

As Prizes

What's a good baby shower without some silly games! Whether you're playing a game of guess who, bobbing for pacifiers, ice ice baby, or having a lively diaper change relay, you'll always need fun prizes for the winner. While you can certainly choose silly prizes, guests will swoon over winning a gorgeous arrangement of eternal roses in a box! Our Small Square collection contains four eternal roses and is the perfect price point for a prize. 

As A Gift

Roses in a box are the perfect gift for a new mom! They require absolutely zero maintenance, which a new mom will definitely appreciate in the coming years. Our eternal roses are also completely non-toxic and fragrance-free. We use an all-natural glycerin solution to preserve the roses, and food-grade colorant to dye them. So mom can display her roses in a box in baby's nursery and enjoy them everyday with peace of mind that they're safe for her and baby. 

When it comes to color, light pink and baby blue are natural picks for baby showers, but they're not your only options! Modern moms may appreciate hot pink or lilac if they're having a girl, or royal blue or gray for a boy. If the gender is unknown at the time of the shower, green teal, light yellow, and vanilla cream are gorgeous gender-neutral picks! 

Shop Eternal Roses In A Box For Baby Showers

Whether you're looking for a baby shower decoration, prize, or parting gift - or a gift for the new mom! - Le Jardin Infini has hundreds of ideas to choose from. Shop all our eternal roses in a box now, or contact us to customize your own display.
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