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Are Roses That Last A Year Real?

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Are Roses That Last A Year Real?

In short: YES. Roses that last a year from Le Jardin Infini are 100% real roses.

Here's what you need to know and how to tell if you're buying real roses.

Our Roses That Last A Year Are From Colombia & Ecuador

Our roses that last a year are not only real roses grown in the dirt. They're grown in countries that are world renowned for their rose exports. There isn't a place on Earth better suited to growing roses than Colombia and Ecuador, with their 12 hours of sunlight daily, mild days, cool nights, and fertile mountain soil. 

In order to achieve the most beautiful displays of roses that last a year, the roses are harvested at their absolute peak bloom. 

They're not only real roses. They're the best roses you can get anywhere in the world!

Our Roses That Last A Year Are Preserved, Not Dried

It's important to understand the difference between preserved and dried roses. Dried roses are dehydrated to remove all moisture, which causes them to turn brown, brittle, and unattractive. Preserved roses are submerged in an all-natural glycerin solution which replaces the natural moisture and sap in the rose with the preserving solution.

This means the rose maintains its natural soft, supple texture. You can touch preserved roses and they will feel just like fresh-cut roses for as long as they last - which is a year, or longer! 

Our Roses That Last A Year Contain No Artificial Chemicals Or Fragrances

Our proprietary preserving solution is 100% safe and non-toxic, and we use food grade colorants to create beautiful, rich, consistent coloring on our roses. This allows us to preserve real roses and keep them in their most natural state while ensuring they're safe in case of accidental ingestion. 

Unlike other companies that sell roses that last a year and those that manufacture silk and artificial roses, we do not add any fragrances to our products. This means they're suitable for people with asthma, allergies, and fragrance sensitivities. They can even be safely stored in a baby's nursery!

Our Roses That Last A Year Require No Maintenance

Unlike fresh-cut roses that require watering, feeding, and pruning, our roses that last a year require virtually no maintenance aside from a light dusting if you keep the lid off.

When kept out of direct sunlight and humidity in an open display, the roses will last at least a year. If kept in a sealed case, like a see-through acrylic box that allows you to enjoy the roses while protecting them from the elements, they can last 3 years - or longer! 

Our Roses That Last A Year Are Not Fake

Most importantly, NO, our roses that last a year are not made from silk, paper, fabric, latex, or any other synthetic material.

They are 100% real roses that are grown in the dirt, and perfectly preserved for your enjoyment for years to come! 

Shop the entire collection of roses that last a year from Le Jardin Infini now, or call 1-844-5-JARDIN (527346) to talk about a custom arrangement.

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