Why Forever Roses Are The Ultimate Bridesmaid Proposal

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Why Forever Roses Are The Ultimate Bridesmaid Proposal

Many brides love to spoil their girls with meaningful gifts when they ask them to join the wedding party. Curating this experience is a ton of fun, too! Let’s look at why and how to use forever roses in your bridesmaid proposal. 

Why Choose Roses That Last Forever

Everyone loves to receive roses, but it’s always so sad when they wilt and have to be thrown away. The perfect solution is to use roses that last forever. These preserved roses in a box last a year or longer, with most lasting as long as three years!

Using roses that last forever as a bridesmaid proposal means your bridesmaids can keep them as a memento from your wedding for years to come. Every time they see them displayed on a vanity, dresser or mantle, they'll remember the fun times they had on your special day!

Personalize Them With Beautiful Colors

Eternal roses in a box come in a veritable rainbow of colors. You can buy each of your girls a rose in their favorite color. Or, better yet, choose a color of rose to convey a special meaning, such as:

  • White for new beginnings
  • Soft pink for grace and joy
  • Metallic rose gold for love
  • Yellow for happiness
  • Turquoise for feminine energy
  • Cream for elegance
  • Burgundy for loyalty
  • Vintage pink for sweetness
  • Cherry blossom for optimism

Do a Bachelor/Bachelorette Theme

There’s nothing more quintessential to these romantic and entertaining TV shows than the roses presented to contestants. Get playful with your forever roses in your bridesmaid invitation. Ask, “Will you accept this rose?” 

Create a Rose Theme

Why not build your invitation around these beautiful roses by creating an entire rose theme? In addition to an arrangement of eternal roses in a box, get them a gift like personalized stationery in rose gold, include a delicious bottle of rose wine, and splurge on spa items made with rose water so they can pamper themselves. Put everything together in a gorgeous box printed with a rose pattern to complete the look.

Carry the Theme into Your Other Wedding Events

Having themes that make an appearance at all of your wedding events can be a great way to tie everything together and make it more meaningful. There are lots of good ways to incorporate forever roses into your wedding. 

Send eternal roses in a box to your mom, your mother-in-law-to-be, and all the grandmothers. It’s a meaningful way to get them excited about the festivities to come.

You can also use them to decorate your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and the big day itself. You can give them as a gift to guests at the shower, or use a single preserved rose as place settings at your wedding to thank guests for coming.

And did you know that Le Jardin Infini makes beautiful bridal bouquets? Where most brides pay to have their professionally preserved, a bouquet made from forever roses will last for years to come. Seal it up in a beautiful glass case and use it to decorate your first home with your new spouse! 

Visit Le Jardin Infini to learn more about their products and how they can help you design the perfect bridesmaid proposal.
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