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Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for Friends

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Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for Friends

Don’t forget your friends this Valentine’s Day with the help of Le Jardin Infini’s preserved rose arrangements that are perfect for gifting friends!

How can you give someone a truly original gift?

What kind of gift will have them thinking about you months after you give it to them?

These are the question you want to ask yourself to make sure you have truly thoughtful Valentine gifts for your friends.

See? You’re in the process of being thoughtful right now!

The Magic of Preserved Roses

The rose has always been a symbol of love and passion. However, the issue with roses is that they tend to die within a few days. Good fortune could keep a rose around for over a week, but that’s about it.

Preserved roses are real roses that undergo a preservation process to maintain their beauty and vibrancy months and even years after being picked.

What makes this such a unique and thoughtful gift for your friends is that it’s nature in a time capsule. The fact that the rose is preserved means they’ll get to enjoy it long after you give it to them.

Check out some of these options.

L’unique Collection

If you want to give your friends something unique and thoughtful, look no further. We don’t call it “L’unique” for nothing.

In this beautiful collection of preserved roses you’ll find various single roses that are nicely packaged with a chic design to complement any decor. You can choose a color and box that you feel would resonate with your friend the most.


La Belle Collection

If your friend is the type that would appreciate a collection of roses rather than a single rose, La Belle is where it’s at.

The La Belle Collection includes beautiful fixtures, each with four roses in each elegantly designed package with colors for any preference.

Whether your friend loves blue, red, pink, purple or even a more classic white or gray, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the La Belle Collection.

Give your friends the thoughtful Valentine gifts they will never forget.

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