The Meaning of Yellow Roses

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The Meaning of Yellow Roses

Yellow is the color of sunshine, a bright, vibrant, energetic color. So it will probably come as no surprise that the meaning of yellow eternal roses from Le Jardin Infini conveys some of those messages. Let’s take a closer look at what else the color yellow represents and when it is most appropriate to give as a gift.


The primary meaning of yellow roses is friendship. This warm, bright, and inviting color conveys comfortability, platonic love, and the attachment of close friendships.

When it comes to giving roses, especially forever roses in a box, some people assume that it means romantic love. Because yellow is so clearly a non-romantic color, though, you can give it to anyone without any confusion whatsoever. 

Yellow roses that last a year in a box make great gifts for friends’ birthdays and milestones, bridesmaids gifts, and anytime that you want to do something special for someone.


Yellow often symbolizes happiness and optimism. That’s because it is so bright, and its association with sunshine has given it this meaning in many cultures across history. 

If someone you know needs a bit of cheering up, then yellow roses that last a year in a box make a great gift. Because preserved roses last a year or longer, every time the recipient sees the arrangement, they'll be reminded of your well-wishes and the cheer that you intended to send them.

Give with the Season

Yellow is undoubtedly a more popular color during the spring and especially summer. After all, those are the sunniest months of the year, when people spend more time outdoors, and moods seem brighter and more cheerful.

That being said, a yellow box of roses might be even more appropriate in the winter. Especially if you know someone who is affected more than others by the dark and dreariness of this time of year, the gift of yellow eternal roses might be just what the doctor ordered. Yellow also looks beautiful with autumn decor since many falling leaves have a yellow hue.

When NOT to Give Yellow Roses

Unfortunately, not every association with and meaning of yellow is positive. Yellow is also the color of cowardice. Have you ever heard the phrase “yellow-bellied” or someone not acting bravely described as simply “yellow”? That’s where it comes from.

For that reason, avoid giving yellow roses in a box when someone needs an extra dose of bravery. Instead, go with colors more closely associated with that quality, such as different shades of purple, including vibrant purple (which also means enchantment and charm) and bright lilac (which also symbolizes hope).

Yellow Roses in a Box for Any Occasion  

The truth is that yellow is a rose color that will bring a smile to someone's face for nearly any occasion. Shop yellow roses from Le Jardin Infini for the perfect present!

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