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The Meaning of Gold Roses

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The Meaning of Gold Roses

While deep yellow roses occur in nature, most people think of lustrous, metallic roses that are painted or dyed when they think of gold roses. So when are the best occasions for giving gold roses? Let's take a look at their history and when giving gold roses is appropriate. 

The History of Gold Roses

Gold roses can be traced back to the first yellow roses discovered growing in Asia. They were not the cheery and sunny yellow roses we know today, but rather a dark and dusky yellow-ish 'gold' color. When the gold roses were first introduced in Europe they actually had a negative association with dying love or jealousy.

Today, when we talk about gold roses, we're often referring to gold dipped, dyed, or painted roses, and they symbolize joy, friendship, loyalty, and eternity. They can also represent luxury, wealth, opulence, and status.

Joy & Eternity

Perhaps the most common meanings of gold roses are joy and eternity. Metallic gold reflects the light, creating sparkling rays of joy that are impossible to ignore. Like receiving gold jewelry, receiving gold roses simply makes people happy!

Because gold is a precious metal that has been used since ancient times, gold roses also represent longevity, eternity, and loyalty. 

For these reasons, gold forever roses that last a year are the perfect gift for many special occasions:

  • Birthdays - especially 'golden' birthdays when a person's birth date corresponds to their age (i.e. a person whose birthday falls on May 29th will have their golden birthday when they turn 29 years old!)
  • Anniversaries - especially milestone anniversaries like 10, 25, and 50, gold roses symbolize your unwavering and lasting love and devotion to your spouse. 
  • Retirements - closing the chapter on a lifelong career is a momentous occasion. Companies often give retiring employees gold roses to recognize their loyalty over the years. 
  • Friendship - when a friend or loved one needs a pick-me-up, sending gold eternal roses 'just because' shows them how much their friendship means to you. 

Luxury & Wealth

Sometimes the meaning is secondary to the dazzle! The reality is that gold roses are simply stunning. Like the precious metal, gold roses convey a sense of wealth, luxury, and status. Sending and receiving gold roses shows that you appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy spending money on beautiful things. 

Gold roses are the perfect color to use as decor in a home as the color goes with virtually anything. Additionally, a display of gold forever roses will be the focal point of any room and is sure to catch the attention of your guests. 

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