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The Meaning of Blue Roses

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The Meaning of Blue Roses

Blue roses are exceedingly rare in nature, but blue is one of the most popular when it comes to people's 'favorite' colors. The color blue has many meanings, which naturally carry over into blue roses. Let’s look at different shades of blue and what messages they convey. That way, you can choose the perfect roses in a box from Le Jardin Infini.

Royal Blue: Mystery and Imagination

Royal blue forever roses symbolize mystery, magic, and imagination. Since blue roses are not naturally occurring and must be dyed, it lends an air of mystery and imagination. It also conveys a longing for the impossible. 

Blue is also the color of some of our most mysterious and awe-inspiring surfaces, including the ocean and the sky. People have been captivated by these realms for centuries, so it’s no wonder that blue carries these meanings. It’s also not surprising that blue is the color of imagination since mystery and curiosity are often the spark that imagination needs to take light!

Finally, royal blue can also convey a sense of dignity and stateliness. That makes them perfect as a graduation present, to say congratulations on a promotion or retirement, or to give to a colleague. As stated above, blue is a prevalent favorite color, so it's a safe bet for a wide range of occasions. 

Baby Blue: Health and Tranquility

Royal blue is a vibrant color, but the more subdued hue of baby blue carries a calming meaning. Baby blue eternal roses convey health and tranquility. Looking at them is peaceful, and the color sends messages of rest and peace in your mind.

There are many occasions in which to give someone baby blue forever roses. If someone is sick, having a medical procedure, or facing an injury or scare with their health, baby blue preserved roses can help ease their minds

If you’re looking for a gift for a therapist, yoga instructor, or another person who has helped bring you peace in your own life, baby blue forever roses are an ideal 'thank you.' 

Of course, if someone you know is welcoming a new baby boy, then baby blue is the perfect color of choice! Sending them roses that last a year in a box when the baby is born will remind them of your well-wishes and the joyous moment of the baby’s birth for at least their entire first year of life.

Turquoise: Wisdom and Tranquility

Turquoise represents wisdom and tranquility, and it is also a vibrant color and can help spark creative intelligence in people working in all kinds of fields. Turquoise is the ideal color for students preparing to take a test, a colleague working on a big project, or just to add a gorgeous pop of color in any space!

True Blue Forever Roses for Any Occasion 

Since blue is such a popular color, you can’t go wrong with a box of roses in this lovely shade—Shop Le Jardin Infini for the beautiful gift of blue roses!

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