How To Choose The Perfect Preserved Roses

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How To Choose The Perfect Preserved Roses

Flowers have always carried certain meanings - and in fact, in the Victorian era, different flowers were used to send messages to friends, loved ones, and even enemies. Much of the mystique and symbolism associated with flowers still exists today (more on that here). The problem is, traditional floral arrangements generally don’t last longer than a week. For centuries, people have been trying to preserve roses, and only recently have we mastered this technique with an all-natural preservative to create roses that last a year. No matter what you want to say, here’s how to choose the perfect preserved roses.

“You’re special” - blossoming romance | thinking of you

You had a great first or second date and the connection was undeniable. You’re looking to send a message that says “I’m interested” without going overboard. A single preserved rose from L’unique Collection is a perfect choice as this collection highlights the simplicity, elegance, and beauty of a single rose. Best of all, this preserved rose will last a year or more and makes a lovely keepsake should your romance bloom into something bigger! Customize your message further by choosing yellow for friendship, pink for romance, and red for love and passion.

“Thank you” - appreciation | a job well done

Sometimes, a thank you card is not enough. Preserved roses from Le Belle Collection are a thoughtful way to show gratitude, either personally or professionally. Our square boxes are clean, simple, and modern and hold four preserved roses of your color choice. This beautiful arrangement will last for over a year with proper care and be a reminder to someone special that they are appreciated.

“Congratulations!” - commemorate an important achievement

Did someone important to you graduate, get a promotion, or achieve a major milestone? Celebrate accomplishments with preserved flowers from Le Paradis Collection. This round arrangement holds 16-18 gorgeous preserved roses in the color of your choice. This gift will serve as a constant reminder of achievement to its recipient for over a year. You can find the symbolism behind each color of rose here.

“Forever” - celebrate your one true love

The circle is a symbol of unity, eternity, and perfection. What better way to see “you’re my one true love” than with a preserved flower arrangement in a round box from L’ultime collection? These incredible arrangements contain over 3 dozen preserved roses that last a year or longer - a reminder that true love is everlasting. This makes the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or other major milestones for your sweetheart.

Le Jardin Infini’s Floral Experts Can Help You Customize The Perfect Arrangement

In addition to the preserved roses online that you see in each collection, Le Jardin Infini offers customized arrangements available at your request. Need assistance in sending the right message? Email us at or call us at 1-844-5-JARDIN and we will help you design the perfect long-lasting floral arrangement.

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