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6 Steps For Hosting A Memorable Easter Brunch

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6 Steps For Hosting A Memorable Easter Brunch

6 Steps For Hosting A Memorable Easter Brunch

Easter is a holiday that for many marks the true beginning of spring. Eggs, rabbits, pale colors, and baby chicks all celebrate the beginning of new life that is celebrated on this holiday. Easter is also a great time to bring family and close friends together after what, in many parts of the country, has felt like a cold and isolated winter. If you'll be hosting Easter brunch, here are 6 simple steps to making it a memorable experience for your guests.

1. Decide on the Vibe and Color Theme

Before you can really start planning your brunch, you'll first need to decide on the mood you're trying to create. An Easter themed brunch can have many "flavors" - from traditional/formal brunches, calling for pale colors and china, to a more modern take which can play with brighter, bolder decor and less formal tableware. This will dictate decor, food and beverage choice, what type of music (if any) will be played, how the table will be set, etc.

2. Create a Flow of Events

Regardless of the size of your Easter brunch, you will want to map out in your mind how your brunch will flow. When will guests eat relative to arrival? Will there be children? How will guests and children stay occupied? If you plan on hosting any games, like an Easter egg hunt or spoon race, when will they occur? What time do you expect guests will be wrapping up? This is important so that your guests do not feel awkward or stagnant.

3. Plan Your Menu

Now it's time to choose the menu. The timing of your meal and/or appetizers will partially determine what types of foods you can serve. In general, when hosting any meal, best practice is to prepare as much as possible in advance without sacrificing flavor. For specific tips on choosing items your Easter brunch menu, read this article from

4. Beverages

Traditionally, Easter is the celebration that ends a period of repentance. Thus, it is acceptable to offer light adult beverages like bloody marys or mimosas, if the host prefers. For guests who do not drink alcohol and children, here is a list of fun and springy non-alcoholic beverages.

5. Create the Perfect Ambience with Preserved Floral Arrangements

No matter your theme, flowers will always be closely associated with Easter since they are a symbol of life, spring time, and new beginnings. In terms of color, while there are many choices, white is always a safe choice as it symbolizes purity, innocence, and spirituality (see a full list of colors available and their meanings here). Preserved floral arrangements make beautiful centerpieces and place settings. Because only the most perfect roses are chosen for preservation, you can buy them well in advance without worrying about them wilting before your party. You can either keep them an use as centerpieces during future events, or give them to your guests as favors. L'ultime collection and La Belle collection corn make gorgeous choices for centerpieces, as well as place settings.

6. Choose Memorable Guest Favors

While guest favors are not required for a brunch like this, they cap off your event in a wonderful way. Single roses from our gorgeous L'unique Collection make incredible favors that serve to both thank your guests for attending, as well as to remind them of the significance of Easter year-round. They can also be used as place settings. Whatsmore, because these preserved flowers last for a year or more, your guests can put them on display in their home and admire them all year.

If you're planning an Easter brunch and want to make a lasting impression, preserved flower arrangements from Le Jardin Infini are a great addition. Order from our existing collections, or contact us for custom event arrangements.

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