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Preserved Roses For Every Occasion

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Preserved Roses For Every Occasion

When you think of giving roses, you may only think of holidays like Valentines Day and Mother's Day. But there are so many other occasions when flowers are appropriate - especially preserved roses that last a year! Don't wait for major holidays to roll around once a year; give the gift of preserved roses in a box for every occasion. 

Housewarming - Congratulate friends on their new homes and welcome neighbors with a thoughtful housewarming gift of preserved roses. You don't have to go big here; a bright and cheerful bouquet of yellow or orange preserved roses from our 4 Roses in a Square Box collection will brighten any room in a new home. 

New Baby - Preserved roses in a box make a wonderful new baby gift for the parents who already have it all. Soft pink or baby blue preserved roses from our 9 Roses in a Square Box collection make a beautiful addition to new nurseries. And because these roses last a year with virtually no maintenance, mom can enjoy them while focusing on her new bundle of joy. 

Corporate Gifting - Work milestones, achievements, and retirements are all celebrated occasions in the workplace, and preserved roses that workers can display on their desks make the perfect corporate gift. Choose single roses for holiday party favors and sales achievements, or give a stunning arrangement of several dozen preserved roses in a suede box from our 39 Roses in a Round Box collection for major milestones and retirement. 

Romance & Love - You may only think of giving red roses to a romantic partner, but rose colors and their meanings can be used at all stages of a relationship. White and soft pink roses for new and budding romance, hot pink and red roses for true love, blue and purple roses for an air of mystery and excitement, and gold roses for everlasting love. Give a different preserved flower arrangement for every anniversary as your relationship evolves. 

Sympathy - Flowers are a traditional sympathy gift, but maintenance can be an added burden to those grieving. Preserved roses that last a year require virtually no maintenance, and will live on as a reminder of your thoughtful gesture long after fresh flowers have been thrown away. White is a traditional sympathy flower color as it symbolizes peace, remembrance, and reverence. 

Thank You / Thinking Of You - Preserved roses in a box also make a wonderful "just thinking of you" or thank you gift to that special someone. It could be a teacher, neighbor, or service provider who has made a difference in your life. Choose from a simple single rose, or a medium or large arrangement depending on your budget and sentiment. 

Holidays - Mother's Day is the #1 holiday for giving flowers, followed by Valentines Day and then winter holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah. But why stop there? Delicate pastel preserved roses make beautiful table settings for an Easter brunch, while orange, gold, and khaki preserved roses can decorate your home for fall and Thanksgiving. 

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