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Preserved Roses - EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted To Know!

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Preserved Roses - EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted To Know!

We get a lot of questions about our preserved roses here at Le Jardin Infini. It's natural, people want to know how it works, how long they last, how to take care of them, and what happens if their dog accidentally eats preserved roses. Hey, it happens! 

So here's a big roundup of some of our most frequently asked questions. Still have a burning question? Call (844) 552-7346 or send us a message online. 

What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are 100% REAL roses. Our roses come from Colombia and Ecuador, which are countries renowned for their high-quality rose exports. The roses are picked at peak bloom and preserved so that they remain in that perfectly pristine state.

Are there any other names for preserved roses?

Preserved roses go by many other names. If you hear people talking about roses that last a year, eternal roses, eternal flowers, infinity roses, infinity flowers, flowers that last forever, boxed roses, or roses in a box, they're most likely talking about real roses that have been preserved.

How long do preserved roses last?

Our preserved roses last a year or longer. When properly stored and maintained, they can last up to three years!

How are forever roses preserved?

We use a proprietary glycerin-based preservation formula. After harvesting, the rose stems are submerged in the solution. After a few days, the preservation solution has replaced all of the natural sap in the rose. Finally, they are dyed for color consistency and to create some of the exotic colors we offer.

How are preserved roses maintained?

Preserved roses are virtually maintenance-free! Display them out of direct sunlight and humid rooms (like bathrooms). Just give them an occasional light dusting, and that's it!

How much do preserved roses cost?

Le Jardin Infini offers a wide range of preserved flower arrangements for every occasion and budget. Our single preserved roses start at just $29 and our largest arrangement, which contains 60-80 roses, is $339. Check out this post for a breakdown of the cost of maintaining two dozen fresh and preserved roses over the course of one year. 

Do preserved roses smell?

Not ours! Our all-natural preserving solution leaves no lingering odors. Also, unlike some other preserved flower companies, we do not infuse or spray our flowers with artificial rose fragrances that may trigger allergies. 

Are preserved roses toxic?

No. Our preserving solution and colorants are food-safe and contain absolutely NO harmful chemicals. Our preserved roses are safe to touch, smell, and even ingest (that answers the question about your dog accidentally eating your roses!). 

What the difference between preserved flowers and dried flowers?

They are two completely different products. Dried flowers have been dehydrated and will turn brown and brittle over time. Preserved flowers will remain vibrant, soft, and supple all year. Check out this post for more in-depth information. 

What color preserved roses should I give? 

Every color of rose has a different meaning! Check out this page for an overview of each color, what it symbolizes, and some occasions for giving that color. 

What are my preserved roses delivery options?

We offer standard shipping, overnight and two-day expedited shipping to ensure your gift arrives on time! In South Florida only, we offer same-day delivery and free pickup from our location. Contact us to learn more about our preserved roses delivery options.

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