8 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

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8 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

There’s something about summertime that makes us crave romance. The longer, hot days, balmy nights and time spent outdoors help us feel happy and more connected. What’s more, there are so many ways to enjoy the season with your special someone.

Let’s take a look at eight of our favorite ways to dial up the romance during the summer. Give your favorite (or all eight!) a try.

See a Drive-In Movie

Summer makes us so nostalgic, and few activities bring us back quite like a trip to the drive-ins. To make it really special, deck out the back of a truck or SUV with blankets and a picnic blanket with movie treats and drinks.  

Go for a Picnic

Picnics are iconic when it comes to romance, from lounging on a blanket with your loved one while enjoying beautiful natural surroundings, to eating finger foods and taking your time. To make it extra romantic, splurge on fancy cheese, crackers, and sparkling wine. 

Enjoy an Outdoor Concert

Live music is such a fun way to enjoy warm summer nights. Check local venues and calendars to find someone playing nearby. Or, find a more romantic venue, such as an outdoor cafe, with a small band or solo artist to make it more intimate.

Visit an Amusement Park or the Fair

Act like kids again at a local amusement park or fair! Be sure to go all out: ride all the roller coasters and campy rides and eat cotton candy and funnel cakes. Make sure to take a romantic spin on the Ferris wheel and cuddle up close.

Rent a Canoe

Most of us have gone kayaking, but canoes usually require two people to man, so it’s an opportunity to get close. You can pack a picnic or even a bottle of champagne and take a break from rowing when you find the perfect scenic and secluded spot. 

Visit a Hotel Pool

Most hotel pools are for guests only, so become guests and have a romantic “staycation.” Set up alerts on an app like Hopper for low rates at a fancy nearby hotel to score a last-minute deal. 

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Need to beat the heat? Nothing brings couples closer to each other than laughing and being silly together. Nowadays, you can even fill up multiple water balloons at once to make it simple. 

Go Camping

Nothing screams summer quite like a camping trip. If you go camping with just the two of you, there are tons of little ways to dial up the romance. Even essential camping elements, like campfires, encourage closeness and cuddles. If camping isn't really your thing, try "glamping" in a glamorous yurt, cabin, cottage or RV rental. 

Elevate Any Summer Date With Forever Roses

To give your significant other a beautiful keepsake from your special day, surprise him or her with an arrangement of preserved roses! Use a display as a picnic centerpiece, hide a box of preserved roses in your car trunk or under the seat of the canoe, or ask the hotel concierge to place an arrangement in your room while out to dinner. 

No matter how you decide to create your own summer of love, incorporating forever roses from Le Jardin Infini can make any moment extra special.
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