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Why Give Mother's Day Preserved Roses That Last A Year

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Why Give Mother's Day Preserved Roses That Last A Year

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Every year, spouses and children search for the perfect gift for mom. Something that will outshine other gifts and be that special thing she remembers forever. Whether you're a spouse shopping for her first Mother's Day, or an adult who wants to shower your aging mother with love and appreciation, here's why you should give Mother's Day preserved roses that last year. 

They Last A Year - Or More!

People have been attempting to preserve flowers for centuries. Only now has the science and technology been discovered to preserve a rose in its pristine condition for a year or longer. Le Jardin Infini means "the infinite garden." When you give Mother's Day preserved roses, you're giving mom a beautiful piece of art she can enjoy day in and day out.   

Preserved Flowers Are Virtually Maintenance-Free

Le Jardin Infini's Mother's Day preserved roses require minimal maintenance. Occasional dusting, and keeping them away from water, heat and direct sunlight are all that's needed to maintain their beauty year round.  

Preserved Roses In Every Color Of The Rainbow

Rose colors and their meanings have long been studied and used to help gifters and admirers express their feelings through color. Choose white, soft pink or baby blue for new moms. Adult children may choose to express their everlasting appreciation to mom through elegant gold and rose gold roses. And for the fun-loving mom in your life, royal blue, vibrant purple, and hot pink will put a smile on her face every time she walks into a room and sees the arrangement.

An Arrangement For Every Budget

Le Jardin Infini's preserved flowers come in acrylic, round, square or heart boxes. You can buy a classic, single rose starting at just $39, or an elaborate display of nearly 50 preserved roses (check out this gorgeous "Number 1" arrangement, perfect for her first Mother's Day!). There are multiple sizes in between, and you can even customize an arrangement by selecting the box style, size, and rose color of your choice.

Appeal To All The Moms In Your Life

Shopping for your mom, grandmother, sister, and in-laws? Le Jardin Infini's Mother's Day preserved roses make the perfect gift for every mother. Choose the color and arrangement style and size for each lady.. If you're hosting a Mother's Day brunch or will see them in person, you can have your entire order delivered to your home and surprise them in person. Le Jardin Infini’s arrangements also serve as beautiful centerpieces and place settings.

Order Your Mother's Day Preserved Roses Now!

Order Mother's Day preserved roses from Le Jardin Infini! Shop all our collections now, or create your custom preserved rose display here.


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