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The Meaning of White Roses

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The Meaning of White Roses

White is the absence of color. It symbolizes pure, unmarred innocence and embodies femininity and beauty. So when is the best time to give white forever roses in a box? Let's take a look at the meaning of white roses and the most popular occasions to give these gorgeous, delicate blooms. 

History of the White Rose

The history of the white rose can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. Because of the pristine, unblemished nature of white, this color of rose represented deep, undying love and loyalty. It became known as the "bridal rose" to represent a bride's purity and chastity at marriage. 

Today, the meaning of the white rose has evolved and is a common color to give for many occasions. 

New Beginnings & Purity 

White roses are most commonly known to represent new beginnings purity. As such, they're the ideal gift for weddings, baptisms, graduations, and funerals. 


While white roses are a popular "sympathy" flower to give, the true meaning behind the gesture is to remind someone who's lost a loved one that the transition is a new beginning -- for both the deceased and the living. A funeral is as much about the celebration of a life well lived as it is an opportunity for loved ones to grieve and say goodbye. 


Highschool and college students graduating are also embarking on a new beginning, making it the perfect occasion to give white roses. Additionally, white roses pair very well with other colors to convey even more meaning: green for good fortune, lilac for good health, or orange or yellow for joy and positivity -- all fitting colors for graduates. 


In addition to purity and new beginnings, white roses also symbolize youthfulness, innocence, optimism, and loyalty, making them a particularly meaningful gift for weddings. Beyond giving white eternal roses to the bride and groom, they can also be used for decor, centerpieces, and as parting gifts. 


As white preserved roses also represent pure innocence, they're an appropriate gift or decor for baby baptisms. White roses represent the Virgin Mary in Catholic Christianity. However, if your church follows the seasons of the liturgical year, you may have an opportunity to incorporate red, green, or violet into your baptism arrangements depending on the time of year. 

Shop White Forever Roses That Last a Year

While white roses occur in nature, their delicate nature makes it very difficult to harvest pristine, pure white roses. Le Jardin Infini sources white roses from our preserved roses farms in Ecuador and Colombia, countries renowned for their rose industry. We preserve the white roses in a natural, non-toxic glycerin solution to freeze them at the peak bloom and lock in their purity -- something impossible to achieve with fresh roses.

Best of all, white preserved roses from Le Jardin Infini last a year or longer and require virtually no maintenance other than an occasional dusting. 

Shop all of our white eternal roses in a box, or customize your own arrangement to celebrate a special occasion.

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