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Decorate Your Home For Fall With Preserved Flowers

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Decorate Your Home For Fall With Preserved Flowers

Although summer doesn’t officially end until September 23, Labor Day marks the unofficial beginning of autumn. It’s during this time of year that decorating your home becomes a bit of a challenge. Showcasing the bright colors of summer in late August or early September makes it feel like you’re clinging to a season that’s past its climax, but bringing out the Halloween decor seems a little overzealous.

Here are some ways you can use preserved roses to subtly transition to fall decor.

Choosing The Right Color

Fall is all about nature.. Crisp blue skies, bright red, yellow, and orange. So these color roses both brighten up a home and give a fall feel. They are reminiscent of the beautiful changing leaves and are appropriate even in those geographies where the leaves don’t change color. Orange is a decidedly fall color, so if you are hesitant in creating an autumn vibe too early, wait until later in the season to bring in orange flowers. If your home has paint and furnishing that are very cool toned and you’re hesitant to add bold, warm colors like red or yellow, grey colors are a great alternative. They’re cool, muted, and ideal for transitioning to the autumn.

Ideal Placement For Impact

One of the best parts about preserved floral arrangements is that they are, well - preserved! This means they will last through the entire fall season and beyond. This also means that you can change the look and feel of your home by moving your preserved roses throughout the season.

As we move into fall, consider adding preserved flowers to your foyer or front room. Statement pieces in your foyer help to set the tone for the whole house, without being overwhelming. Smaller bouquets like our Small Square arrangement on end tables can have the same effect. A side table in your foyer or coffee table in your living room are also ideal locations for a preserved flower bouquet from our Medium Round Collection to hint at fall. As we officially enter the season, more prominent locations like your kitchen table, a passthrough, or family room coffee table are more appropriate, as your flowers will draw more attention in these locations.

More Inspiration For Fall Decor

Want to further step up the fall vibes in your home? The decorative value of your preserved flowers can change depending on what other accents are used to complement them. Toward the beginning of fall, you can place smaller arrangements in a brown woven basket to tone down more brightly colored flowers. Later in the season, consider purchasing a small wreath made of faux leaves or pinecones and placing it delicately around your preserved bouquet. Around mid-October, placing pumpkins and gourds around an impressive bouquet like our Large Round arrangement further changes the feel of the flowers, hinting at fall harvest.

These are just a few ideas to help you welcome fall into your home - but preserved flowers are so versatile that the only limit is your imagination! Fall is quickly approaching, so place your order today! Or for help in identifying the right preserved bouquets or colors in your home, fill out our online form or contact a Le Jardin Infini floral designer at (844) 552-7346.

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