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Chic College Room Decor With Preserved Roses

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Chic College Room Decor With Preserved Roses

It’s back to school time, which means stocking up on loose leaf paper, textbooks, and the rest of the essentials. However, when you’re going back to college, it also means MOVING back to school. And let's be real, you want to make your space cute and comfy! Luckily, preserved flowers are a great value for their impact and can be used to dress up any room. Here are some ideas for how you can use preserved roses to create your home away from home - in style!

Adventurer’s Whimsy

The Vibe: Inspired by the spirit of wandering and backpacking, this style offers refuge from the world of lectures and essays.

How to achieve this look: When choosing a color scheme, either soft or bright colors work. This style calls for a mix of unique patterns and textures. Choose a preserved arrangement that pulls out one of your accent colors to create a pop. We love the look of the Small Square Collection: 4 beautiful roses set in a simple square box, showcasing the beauty of each flower. This collection gives the feeling that roses may have been picked from a gorgeous rosebush or purchased from a farmer’s market.

Accessorize with: Mason jars, a southwestern rug, strung globe lights, succulents, macrame wall hangings, a globe or maps, ram skull, dreamcatcher, cowboy hat.

Vintage Industrial

The Vibe: Industrial = industrious! A hipster’s dream, the vintage industrial room showcases metal, wood, brick, and other repurposed raw material. What it lacks in comfort it makes up for in “cool.”

How to achieve this look: Industrial style decorating has now become one of the most popular in the United States! This is convenient, because this look can be achieved simply (and inexpensively!) by spending some time at garage sales or estate sales. Most vintage-industrial decor is wood and metal, so browns, greys, and silvers should make up your color palette. Use a preserved arrangement or two from our Large or Medium Round Collection to break up the monotony of the 90-degree angles typical of this decor style. Bright colored roses, like yellow or red, will stand out and help to soften the harshness often inherent in this style.

Accessorize with: Strung Edison bulbs, simple but large metal wall clocks, old lockers for storage of textbooks, simple frame-only book shelves, old wire milk crates.

Modern Minimalist

The Vibe: Marie Kondo, anyone? Minimalism is all about functionality and simplicity of design to create a crisp, clean look free of distractions and clutter - so you can focus on what matters!

How to Achieve this look: The beauty of this look is that less is more! To get a truly minimalist look, organization is key. You’ll need to be sure that knick-knacks are eliminated or kept to a minimum. The beauty of minimalism is it can be used in any color color scheme - just make sure not to introduce excessive colors or patterns. Speaking of color, you can choose a preserved arrangement in your primary accent color to really create a color splash.  We recommend a display from our Acrylic Collection for minimalist decor - without unnecessary clutter, your flowers become a focal point in the room. In true minimalist fashion, our acrylic displays showcase only the natural beauty of our preserved flowers. An added bonus: many of our acrylic boxes have a drawer underneath, so you can store jewelry, special notes, etc.

Accessorize with: sconces, simple shelving and frames for any artwork, only one or two pieces of artwork. Use knick-knacks sparingly.

Preserved flowers are a versatile and low maintenance way to help you create a beautiful and personalized home away from home. The best part of preserved flowers is that they’ll last your full school year (and then some!) with very little effort. If you’d like to personalize a bouquet to match your style, fill out our form online or  contact a Le Jardin Infini floral designer at 1-844-552-7346,

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