5 Ways To Display Preserved Roses In Your Home Or Office

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5 Ways To Display Preserved Roses In Your Home Or Office

Maybe you’ve received preserved roses as a gift, or maybe you’re considering purchasing them for yourself. Either way, these gorgeous floral arrangements make a beautiful decorative display around your home or office! Preserved flowers offer the delicate elegance of traditional roses, along with the convenience of a long lifespan (a full year!)  and very little maintenance. Here’s some inspiration for how you can show off your preserved flower arrangement in your home or office.

Greet Your Guests: Roses In A Box In Your Foyer

What better way to greet guests as they walk into your home than with a beautiful bouquet of preserved roses? Our boxed flowers can sit elegantly on a foyer table to add a lovely pop of color to your entryway. Choose smaller arrangements, like those in our Small Square Collection to add a delicate nuance to your foyer, or make an impressive statement with an arrangement from Large Round or Large Square Collections

Good Morning: Preserved Flowers On Your Nightstand

Who couldn't use a little pick-me-up when that morning alarm goes off? Seeing roses first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day! Maximize form and function by choosing a preserved arrangement from our Acrylic Collection, which have drawers for jewelry and small keepsakes. In the evening, be warmed by the site of beautiful flowers by your bed as your drift off to sleep.

Conversation Piece For Your Coffee Table

Make a statement in your family or living room by adding a box of preserved flowers to your coffee table. Having company over? Preserved roses get lots of compliments and are great conversation starters! Choose colors that match the accent color of your room for maximum impact. Boxes of preserved roses from our Medium Square Collection make excellent decor for coffee tables.

Add Elegance To Your Kitchen Or Dining Room

Sometimes a simple decorative piece can set the mood for a meal. Preserved floral bouquets placed on a kitchen or dining room table add an air of romance and sophistication to the room. Bouquets from our Medium Round Collection are great for kitchen or dining room tables, as they’re both impactful in appearance yet small enough to allow for cross-table conversation.

Bonus: Display Preserved Roses In Your Office

Do you ever find yourself wishing for a little more creativity at work? Flowers have long been shown to boost creativity! Place your preserved flower arrangement on your desk in your home or work office to spark more of those “AHA!” moments! They're also a pleasant way to welcome colleagues or employees if you work at an office building. Since they don’t require sunlight or watering, they make an ideal office plant!

Ready to add the beauty of natural, yet low maintenance, flowers to your home or office? Order your arrangement from our large selection or customize your own here. Or, give us a call at 1-844-5-JARDIN (527346) and let us help you design the perfect preserved bouquet for your interior decor needs.

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