What Color Preserved Roses Should I Give?

What Color Preserved Roses Should I Give?

With over a dozen colored preserved roses to choose from, we often get asked our opinion as to what color flowers our customers should give as gifts. The truth is, the color you choose when sending preserved flowers really does matter. When it comes to flowers, colors carry their own meaning. In fact, they have for centuries! Some colors indicate romance or love, while others indicate joy, purity, or strength. Here is a quick guide on color meaning to help you determine which color roses are best for your gift. 


Pink is the color of admiration, appreciation, grace, and joy - the sweet things in life. Because of this, pink roses are often associated with baby girls, young women, and new mothers. They are also associated with the hope and anticipation of new, blossoming romance. Pink roses express femininity, so they make great gifts between female friends.

Perfect for: first date, early romance, bachelorette party, shower for baby girl, new mother


Perhaps the most common of all gifted roses, red preserved roses also carry a timeless message of love, passion, and romance. Red roses say “I’m committed.” Because of this, it is not always appropriate to give red roses to someone you’re first meeting, or someone you only have platonic intentions with.

Perfect for: marriage proposal, wedding anniversaries, celebrate love, just because I love you!


Yellow is a near-universal symbol of happiness and joy. For this reason, the yellow rose has also come to symbolize friendship. Yellow preserved arrangements are perfect to give to your friends “just because.” In addition, they are an appropriate way to send the sentiment of “feel better soon.”

Perfect for: pick-me-up after loss or sad event, get well soon, “just because” to friends


The color of purity and innocence, white is also the color of new beginnings. Because of this, white is appropriate for use in many celebrations, from weddings to baby showers to funerals.

Perfect for: bride-to-be, wedding or baby shower, welcome baby, new mother, baptisms, funerals or celebrations of life


Grey is a very modern color - and not one traditionally associated with roses. It’s a cool tone that conveys sophistication and strength. Therefore, giving grey bouquets make a unique and memorable gift - especially for friends, colleagues, or other professional relationships.

Perfect for: bridal party gifts, client or hopeful client holiday gifts, housewarming

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Ready to say it with roses? You can order your preserved arrangement online, or contact a Le Jardin Infini floral designer at (844) 552-7346. You may also want to check out this blog to learn about choosing bouquets to send the right message.

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