Using Eternal Roses In A Box To Elevate Your Office Space

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Using Eternal Roses In A Box To Elevate Your Office Space

Preserved roses make magnificent gifts for all kinds of occasions and milestones, but their uses extend far beyond special events. Because they last for so long, they’re an affordable and eco-friendly solution for utilizing real flowers without constantly replacing them.

Lots of people decorate their homes with fresh flowers, but forget about their office! More than likely, you spend most of your waking hours at the office, and it’s critically important to your overall health that your office be a comfortable and welcoming environment for you.

Why Should You Use Flowers in Your Office Space?

For one thing, flowers are beautiful. They add a pop of color, texture, and dimension to create an aesthetically pleasing element to your office space. Additionally, flowers can reduce anxiety and boost your mood. Looking at flowers can also give your brain a surge of creative energy, increase productivity, and improve your problem-solving capabilities. 

The Best Preserved Rose Colors For An Office

Of course, the best colors to use will inspire you and match your current decor. But specific colors can also evoke distinct emotions and energies

According to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia, shades of blue give your brain a boost of creative thinking and increase your ability to problem-solve, while reds increase attention to detail. Depending on your line of work, one might be better than the other.

Additionally, yellows and oranges are believed to raise your energy, optimism, and productivity. They can also help facilitate lively conversation, in case you work in a collaborative environment. 

If you’re looking to create a calm atmosphere, cooler colors are best. Go for light green, purple, or blue. 

Luckily, Le Jardin Infini has you covered with more than 30 colors of eternal roses in a box to choose from! 

How To Use Preserved Roses In Your Office Decor

There are lots of ways to get the most out of your preserved roses in your office space. If you welcome many clients or customers, place them where they’ll be immediately visible when they walk inside.

Another fantastic place to display them is right on your desk, where you can enjoy them throughout your day. You can create a custom arrangement with specific colors, patterns, letters or numbers to commemorate a special occasion, then surround the display with a few framed photos that inspire you. That way you'll constantly be reminded of the loved ones or goals that you work so hard for! 

Since eternal roses in a box don’t need to be kept in water, you can place them in hard to reach places, on shelves, and among books and journals to add color and brightness to otherwise mundane decor. 

Use them to accessorize other spaces that need a little pick-me-up or change out your preserved roses seasonally to get excited about upcoming holidays and changes in the weather. 

However you choose to incorporate eternal roses in a box into your office space, you’re sure to improve your creativity and productivity and foster a more welcoming and engaging environment. Shop all 13 collections from Le Jardin Infini to find the perfect display to elevate your office space.

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