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The Meaning of Tiffany Roses

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The Meaning of Tiffany Roses

Tiffany Most women know what we’re talking about when we say Tiffany blue: that small box in a quintessential combination of minty green, turquoise, and blue that means something extraordinary is waiting for you inside. 

At the same time, that gorgeous color has an essence of its own, and gifts tinted in this shade carry those meanings as well. Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of Tiffany blue eternal roses from Le Jardin Infini.

Luxury and Decadence

When it comes to Tiffany blue, we’re talking about luxury. Show your loved ones that you want the best for them by giving them a box of Tiffany blue roses. Giving Tiffany blue roses that last a year in a box says that you believe your loved one is worth any cost or price. They epitomize luxury and decadence. But the great news is that preserved roses are actually far more economical than maintaining fresh flowers year round. They're also better for the environment and non-toxic to pets and kids. So while Tiffany blue roses may feel luxurious and decadent, they're actually a really smart buy! 

Sophistication and Wisdom

There is undoubtedly a sense of sophistication with fine things like high-end jewelry and forever roses in luxurious suede boxes. Tiffany roses tell the recipient that you recognize and appreciate their worldliness.

Along with a sense of sophistication may also come a feeling of wisdom. Someone sophisticated knows about the finer things in life and might be sought after for their advice and know-how. For that reason, preserved roses in Tiffany blue make a wonderful present for mothers, mothers-in-law, other elder female relatives, or even mentors, especially in the workplace

Serenity and Wholeness

Turquoise, which is very close to the color of Tiffany blue, is traditionally associated with a sense of serenity and wholeness. Some ancient peoples believed that the sea connected the heavens and earth near the shore. That’s why that color still emits a feeling of oneness, togetherness, and wholeness.

If someone in your life is struggling in any way, be it with a significant decision, loss, or anything else, Tiffany roses in a box can be the perfect way to lift their spirits. It shows that you not only want the best for them but that you also have faith that their troubles will be solved soon. 

Give Tiffany Roses From Le Jardin Infini

Whether you want to show your mother-in-law how much you appreciate her sophistication and wisdom, you want to spoil your wife or girlfriend on her birthday, or you'd like to wish someone peace in the New Year, Tiffany roses that last forever in a box from Le Jardin Infini are the ideal gift.

We offer a wide selection of arrangements and options, from single eternal roses to massive arrangements of more than 70 roses. Browse our website or stop by our new in-person location in South Florida.

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