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The Meaning of Pink Roses

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The Meaning of Pink Roses

Pink roses are stunningly beautiful and are some of the most commonly gifted colors of roses. They also carry several special meanings, depending on the people giving and receiving them. 

Let’s look at what the color pink represents and how that impacts the meaning of pink roses. That way, you can choose whether it's the perfect color of forever roses in a box from Le Jardin Infini.

Femininity and Beauty

When someone has a baby girl, their friends and family flood them with pink gifts, and there’s a reason. Pink symbolizes femininity and beauty. It’s soft and delicate, and it's traditionally (if not always) associated with girls and women. 

We often describe someone dressed in pink as looking beautiful or pretty. “Rosy” or pink cheeks are associated with good health, vibrancy, and beauty.

Soft pink preserved roses are also associated with peace, tranquility, and quiet. Because pink is a toned down shade of red, it’s often used to calm moods and counter the aggression that red can invoke. It’s even sometimes used in prison cells to quell the anger of inmates. 

Sweetness and Joy

Pink is also the color of sweetness and joy, conveying compassion, nurturing, and love. Once again, soft pink forever roses are lovely as gifts in this context. Many moments in life bring us joy, such as an engagement or wedding, starting a new job, buying a home, and much more.

The gift of pink roses that last a year helps acknowledge the joy a person feels at those moments and symbolizes that you join them in feeling it. 

For these reasons, pink long-lasting roses are also perfect for the first few months of a relationship. You may not be ready for red roses and the love that they imply, so pink is ideal for conveying the happiness and fun that the new relationship has brought to your life.


Pink roses also symbolize creativity, especially artistic creativity. You might give pink forever roses as a gift after a dance performance, art show, or other creative endeavor or accomplishment. If you go to the ballet, you’ll frequently see ballerinas showered in pink roses. 

Roses that last forever in a box also make a great gift for sparking creativity. Give them to someone to help them spark creative energy in their workspace. Even lawyers, professors, or doctors need creativity to do their job well, and pink eternal roses are a great way to do it.

Hot Pink: Energy and Sexiness

Creativity implies a particular type of energy, and just like Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, it can also convey a certain kind of sexy energy. That’s another reason why hot pink eternal roses in a box make a great gift for early relationships. 

Give Pink Forever Roses Today

With Le Jardin Infini, your gift of pink roses won’t wilt and fade within days, but rather these long-lasting roses live for a year in a box. That way, your special recipient–whether it’s your daughter after her dance recital, a new flame, or your spouse in their office–can enjoy them and their benefits for a long time to come.

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