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The Meaning of Blue Roses

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The Meaning of Blue Roses

Blue roses are both stunning and rare. While blue roses aren’t common, blue is the most popular favorite color in the world. Aside from being many people’s preferences, blue roses have beautiful meanings that you can convey with your gift of blue forever roses in a box.

Magical and Rare

Did you know that roses cannot produce a blue hue on their own? They have to be modified, which makes them somewhat magical and undoubtedly rare. If you want to convey to someone that you have faith in them to do the impossible then blue eternal roses are the perfect pick. Give them before a big exam, during a significant family change, or anything other time someone needs extra inspiration.

Calm and Peaceful

This meaning comes more from psychology than anything else. The color blue evokes calm and peace when people look at it or are surrounded by it. It’s one of the reasons why it makes an excellent color for nursery walls or office spaces, particularly a therapist or doctor’s office.

Sometimes, the people we love also need wishes for calm and peacefulness, so a delivery of blue eternal roses can lift their spirits. They can look at them and use them to decorate their space for a year or longer and be reminded of how much you care every time.

Freedom and Depth

Blue is the color of both the sky and the sea, which brings up feelings of freedom and depth. This makes the gift of blue roses ideal for someone who needs a creative boost or needs help believing in their own possibilities, or to convey the freedom they have and the depth within themselves to achieve their goals. It’s ideal for graduates, people starting a new job, or someone going through a life change.

Welcome a Baby Boy

Of course, baby blue or light blue is the color most traditionally used to celebrate the birth of a baby boy. If someone in your life is expecting, blue long-lasting roses in a box are ideal because they require zero maintenance (perfect for a new mom!), and they can be used to decorate the nursery for a year or longer. The new parents will be reminded of the joy they felt at the baby’s birth and your thoughtful gesture of a beautiful low-maintenance gift. 

Convey Powerful Meaning by Gifting Blue Eternal Roses

Whether you have a friend or family member expecting a baby boy, or you know someone who needs some calm and peace in their life, give the gift of forever roses from Le Jardin Infini. With several shades of blue to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect gift to convey your feelings for a loved one.

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