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The Meaning Behind Red Forever Roses In A Box

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The Meaning Behind Red Forever Roses In A Box

Giving forever roses in a box is perfect for any occasion, but the color rose you choose can help convey a special meaning. Red roses are a classic pick for romantic occasions when you want to express your love, but are there any other meanings behind red forever roses in a box?

Love & Romance

Red roses in a box are the ultimate symbol of love. The symbolism can be traced back to the ancient Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. The story goes that when Aphrodite found her lover, Adonis, wounded by a boar, his blood mixed with her tears created the first red roses, which symbolized her undying love for him. Now, it's traditional to give red forever roses in a box for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, date nights, and any other romantic occasions to express your love. 

Passion & Desire

In line with love, red roses in a box can also convey your passion and desire for someone. Perhaps you're not in love yet, but you're deeply in lust and want to show someone how desirable they are with the gift of red forever roses in a box. 

Respect & Admiration

When red roses are used in a bridal bouquet for a wedding, they can symbolize the bride's deep admiration and respect for her spouse. Deep red and burgundy roses in a box further this symbolism and convey long-term commitment, loyalty, and everlasting love. 

Virtue & Honor

In Christianity, red rose petals symbolize "The Blood of Our Lord” and have long been a symbol of virtue and honor in religion. It is thought that a single red rose bush grew at the site where Christ died. This is also why deep red roses are also sometimes used for mourning and grief and given as sympathy flowers. Red rose buds of unopened flowers can also symbolize purity and innocence. 

Just Because

Red is the most popular color of rose. It's a classic color that is appreciated for any occasion, and you don't have to attach any specific meaning or symbolism to it! Red forever roses in a box are beautiful used for decorating for Christmas and holidays, they can be used as centerpieces for dinner parties, or given as a birthday gift. For moms who love red, forever roses in a box for Mother's Day is the perfect pick! 

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