New Products Alert! Check Out Our Newest Infinity Roses

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New Products Alert! Check Out Our Newest Infinity Roses

Here at Le Jardin Infini, we're always adding new products so that you can find the perfect infinity roses for ANY occasion! We've recently introduced several new collections, as well as new box colors (including a swoon-worthy Tiffany blue!). 

Here's a quick overview of what's new.

New Box Colors

Luxury Suede Boxes - We've always had black, white, red, and pink luxury suede boxes in our Large Square and Large Round boxes, but you may have noticed new yellow, purple, and royal blue suede boxes as well! We've also added many new colors of suede boxes, including a new turquoise and gold suede, to our Small Round and Small Square collections. 

Classic & Luxury Paper Boxes - In addition to our classic black and white boxes, we also added a new shiny Tiffany-inspired turquoise, black, white, and gold box in our new 7, 9, and 16 roses collections. These boxes have a shiny lustre, giving them a super modern feel. 

All of our small collections are the perfect size and price to use as place settings, parting gifts, and times where you need to buy infinity roses in bulk for gifts. The expanded box colors allows you to customize your gifts to find the perfect color combination for any occasion! 

7 & 9 Infinity Roses In A Box

Not too big, not too small - these arrangements are just the right size! These two new collections are in between our Small and Medium Collections, and the price point makes them ideal for centerpieces for cocktail or dinner parties, or a bridesmaid gift. 

7 Roses Round Box

This new collection comes in a small round box with six roses that last a year arranged in a circle, and one rose in the center. The perfectly symmetrical pattern makes it ideal to use a combination of colors, like these red roses with a single copper infinity rose in the middle

9 Roses Square Box

Similarly sized, this new collection features a small square box with three rows of three infinity roses. Again, you can choose a solid color for the roses, or create a checker pattern with two colors, like these dark pink and red roses in a shiny white box.

16 Infinity Roses In A Box

If you're looking for something a little larger than nine roses, but not quite as big as our Medium Square collection with 25 roses, our new 16 Roses Square Box is the perfect size. This collection comes in a square box with four rows of four roses that last a year. You can choose a solid color or create a pattern using multiple colors.

Mini Hearts Collection

Our Heart-Shaped Collection has always been popular, but the smallest arrangement still contained more than three dozen roses that last a year. Our new Mini Hearts collection contains 16-18 roses and at under $200 it's the perfect pick for Valentine's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

Wedding Bouquets

Did you know Le Jardin Infini now offers wedding bouquets? Your bridal bouquet will already be perfectly preserved with no extra expenses! Contact us to learn more and customize a bouquet of infinity roses for your big day. 

Customize An Arrangement For Any Occasion

Don't see what you're looking for? ANY of our infinity rose arrangements can be fully customized, and all of our displays are made-to-order. Pick your box size and color, rose color, and any pattern, letter, or number to symbolize a special occasion. You can customize your roses that last a year here, or call (844) 552-7346 for assistance.

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