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Most Popular Holidays To Give Infinity Roses In A Box

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Most Popular Holidays To Give Infinity Roses In A Box

Eternal roses in a box are quickly becoming more popular than fresh-cut flowers, and for good reason! Roses that last a year in a box can last even longer when properly cared for, they require no maintenance, and are ultimately far more economical than maintaining fresh flowers year round! They're becoming the go-to gift for holidays and special occasions.

Looking for a reason to impress a loved one with the gift of roses that last a long time in a box? Here are the top holidays for giving them. 

Roses In A Box For Valentine's Day

One of the most popular holidays for giving flowers is Valentine's Day. Roses in a box come in more than three dozen colors, so you can choose traditional red roses for love, pink for a new relationship, or white to show your deep commitment and truth. For the ultimate way to show your love, send a heart-shaped box of more than three dozen red and white roses in a heart

Forever Roses In A Box For Mother's Day

Moms love flowers, but they hate the maintenance that comes with fresh flowers. When you give mom eternal roses in a box for Mother's Day she'll have a long-lasting and beautiful display of flowers she can enjoy around the house for years to come. Choose her favorite color, or send a new mom a classic soft pink or baby blue display of infinity roses in a box.

Infinity Roses In A Box For Christmas & Hanukkah

Winter holidays are also popular times for sending flowers. In addition to using infinity roses in a box as gifts, you can also use them for centerpieces for dinners, holiday parties, or as parting gifts for guests. Choose from classic red and white roses for Christmas, or blue, white and silver for Hanukkah. 

Eternal Roses In A Box For Easter & Passover

Spring holidays are another opportunity to send eternal roses in a box as well as use them for decor. Green tea, vintage pink, champagne, vanilla cream, white, and baby blue are all perfect colors to use for Easter and Passover. And, roses in a box make the perfect centerpiece for a spring brunch, outdoor celebration, or as adult party favors for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. 

Looking for even more occasions to give roses that last forever in a box? Check out this article for more ideas!

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