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Le Jardin Infini Vs. Other Preserved Roses

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Le Jardin Infini Vs. Other Preserved Roses

Eternity roses that last a year are one of the hottest new gifts in recent years. These roses are 100% real roses that have been preserved in a natural solution in order to maintain their beauty, just like the day they were picked. But anyone looking to buy forever roses online has no doubt come across countless websites selling these arrangements. How do you know which company to buy from?

Let's take a look at Le Jardin Infini to see how it stacks up against other preserved roses. 


The best roses are grown in equatorial countries, where sunshine is plentiful, temperatures are mild, and soil is fertile. This makes countries like Ecuador and Colombia in South America ideal growing locations, and these countries are in fact world renowned for their high-quality rose farms. 

Le Jardin Infini and many other forever flower companies are sourced from South America, with Le Jardin Infini roses being specifically sourced from rose farms in Ecuador and Colombia.


Both Le Jardin Infini and other eternity rose companies have a wide range of rose colors, with multiple shades of red, pink, cream, yellow, blue, purple, multi-colored rainbow, and even shimmering metallic colors like gold, silver, and copper. 

Le Jardin Infini has 37 options with some more unique colors such as green tea and vanilla cream, plus several shades of pink including vintage pink, bridal pink, and cherry blossom in addition to the classic soft pink and hot pink colors that both companies carry. 


Most preserved rose companies feature a selection of box sizes, styles, colors, and materials. 

Shoppers can find classic paper boxes, luxurious vegan suede, acrylic, and heart-shaped boxes on both sites. Many sites sell arrangements that feature 1-80+ stunning preserved roses, so the sky really is the limit when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the occasion and your budget. Le Jardin Infini offers 13 different collections with thousands of combinations possible! 


Shoppers will find that price can vary drastically between online flower shops.

Below is a quick breakdown of some of the comparable arrangements from Le Jardin Infini and a top competitor. In every category, Le Jardin Infini offers the same quality and number of roses at a more affordable price point. It's also important to note that other preserved rose companies charge more for their suede and patterned boxes, which is the reason for their large price range. Le Jardin Infini charges the same price for classic paper boxes and luxury suede boxes. 

Preservation Method

Both Le Jardin Infini and other forever flower companies use a proprietary process to preserve their roses and highly pigmented dyes to achieve the roses' uniform coloring. 

The methods are all-natural and non-toxic, and safe for homes with babies and pets. Le Jardin Infini goes a step further to use food-safe colorants for an even safer, chemical-free product.


One major difference between Le Jardin Infini and other preserved rose companies is that Le Jardin Infini preserved roses are scent-free and allergy-friendly. The company made this choice intentionally to make their roses more accessible to people with allergies, asthma, or other breathing sensitivities. 

Other eternity roses have natural and artificial fragrances added to mimic the scent of real roses, but these may trigger allergies or asthma in people with respiratory conditions. 

Maintenance & Care

Le Jardin Infini and other eternity rose arrangements require virtually no maintenance. Compared to fresh flowers that require watering, feeding, and pruning, preserved roses are the perfect gift for new moms, busy professionals, and anyone that doesn't have time to care for flowers but still enjoys having them around their home or office.

All preserved roses should be kept out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and damp environments. They should never be watered or taken out of the display box they come in. An occasional light dusting is really all your preserved roses will ever need. 


All eternity roses are touted to last a year ('or longer'). The reality is that how you care for your roses will determine how long they last. Likewise, preserved roses in a closed acrylic box will last longer than an open box near a window.

At Le Jardin Infini, we've heard from many of our customers who are still enjoying their preserved roses after 3 years! While we certainly can't guarantee this type of longevity for all of our roses, Le Jardin Infini and eternity roses will last at least a year with proper care due to the careful preservation process they undergo.


Both Le Jardin Infini and other preserved rose companies offer domestic and international shipping. Le Jardin Infini offers free shipping on all standard orders (i.e. not rush shipping or weekend delivery). 

Le Jardin Infini also has a physical store location in South Florida, so customers can get same-day and next-day courier service, and can also shop preserved rose arrangements in-person to find the perfect gift. 


Because preserved roses arrangements are made to order, most companies do not accept returns unless the flowers were damaged in transit. In this case, Le Jardin Infini gives customers 72 hours to contact customer service for a replacement. 


Both Le Jardin Infini and other preserved rose companies offer customization of their arrangements. Customers can choose a box size and color, rose color, and any pattern, shape, number or letter to commemorate a special occasion. This option allows customers to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift to perfectly celebrate a loved one. 

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