How to Pick The Perfect Preserved Rose Arrangement For Valentines Day

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How to Pick The Perfect Preserved Rose Arrangement For Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of the most popular holidays for giving roses. Not surprising since the rose has symbolized love and romance for thousands of years! Today, more and more couples are choosing preserved roses for Valentines Day because these gorgeous displays last a year - or longer!

Whatever stage you're at in your relationship, there's a preserved rose arrangement for Valentines Day that will perfectly convey your sentiment.

For Your Crush

When you've had your eye on someone, but haven't made a move yet, a surprise box of preserved roses for Valentines Day can open the door to a new relationship. Both purple preserved roses and royal blue preserved roses symbolize enchantment and mystery, making them the perfect gift for your crush. Choose an elegant single rose, or make a grand gesture with a large box of more than three dozen roses!

For A New Relationship

New relationships can be tricky when it comes to Valentines Day. You want to give a gift that conveys your romantic feelings at this delicate stage in a relationship without coming on too strong. Pink preserved roses are the perfect choice. Soft pink, light pink, blush, and vintage pink roses symbolize grace, admiration, and sweetness. If your new relationship is racy and exciting right out of the gate, hot pink preserved roses lets your partner know you find them irresistible. 

For Marriage & Long-Term Relationships

For couples who are together for the long haul, nothing says "I love you" like classic red preserved roses for Valentines Day. The red rose is the universal traditional symbol of love and romance, and leaves no room for miscommunicating your feelings. Burgundy preserved roses take this symbolism to another level. The color represents deep admiration, loyalty, and commitment; they tell your significant other that your passion for them will never fade. 

Gold preserved roses are also the perfect gift for Valentines Day for couples that have been together for a long time. Gold symbolizes eternity, and gold preserved roses make a lasting statement of your eternal love for your partner. Gold and red are a classic combination and make a beautiful arrangement for Valentines Day. You can even customize your own preserved rose arrangement to create a letter, number, or another pattern to signify a special element of your relationship. 

For A Friend

Not everyone has someone to celebrate Valentines Day with. If a dear friend is flying solo for Valentines Day, a preserved rose arrangement could bring a smile to their face. Yellow preserved roses are the traditional symbol of friendship, joy, and happiness. Fiery orange preserved roses are also an uplifting choice. As a gift between girlfriends, turquoise and green preserved roses represent feminine energy, tranquility, and renewal, which can be an inspiring message to convey to a single friend on Valentines Day. 

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