How To Choose Preserved Roses For Wedding Anniversaries

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How To Choose Preserved Roses For Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversaries are one of the most popular occasions for giving flowers. Now, spouses are getting on the trend of giving preserved roses because they are a beautiful reminder of the anniversary for an entire year - or longer! 

If you're giving preserved roses for an anniversary, here are some tips to help you pick the best arrangement. 

The Colors Of Romance

Red is the classic symbol of love when it comes to giving roses for an anniversary. Red is the ultimate way to say, "I love you" and leaves no room for miscommunicating your affection.

Other colors can also be used to communicate love, such as burgundy, which conveys a profound and deep love, appreciation, respect, and passion for your spouse. 

Gold and rose gold roses take the traditional symbolism of love and preserve it in a precious metal that represents eternity. Gold preserved roses are a symbol of everlasting, unwavering love.

Celebrate "Golden" Anniversaries With Gold Preserved Roses

The traditional golden anniversary is a couple's 50th wedding anniversary. It's cause for celebration! Unsurprisingly, the traditional gift for a 50th anniversary is gold. In addition to classic gifts of jewelry or watches, a solid arrangement of gold preserved roses makes a breathtaking statement and will be a constant reminder of your everlasting love.

Similar to golden birthdays, many couples also celebrate a golden anniversary on the date of their wedding. For example, if they got married on December 5th, their 5th anniversary would be their golden anniversary. This is another perfect occasion for giving gold preserved roses, and you can even get creative and choose rose gold with another color to represent the anniversary year, similar to this display

Preserved Roses For Every Anniversary 

Every wedding anniversary has a traditional color associated with it. Each year also suggests a gift that incorporates a certain stone, precious metal, or material, such as paper, cotton, wood, or leather. 

If you want to give preserved roses for your anniversary and incorporate the suggested color, consider creating a custom arrangement. For example, for your first anniversary, you can give a gift of yellow or gold preserved roses in the shape of a number "1" set against a background of red or burgundy roses. For your 12th anniversary, create a display of 12 cream preserved roses in a circle set amid gold or red preserved roses, similar to this arrangement.

If you like the idea of giving a different color rose every anniversary, but still want to stick with traditional red to convey your love, consider a single rose in an acrylic box in addition to a large arrangement. These gorgeous single roses come in every color of the rainbow, and are reminiscent of the classic Beauty & The Beast rose displayed in a clear case. The box also has a small drawer, which is perfect for stashing jewelry, a love note, or other keepsakes. 

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