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Host A Memorable Gender Reveal Party With Preserved Roses

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Host A Memorable Gender Reveal Party With Preserved Roses

Gender reveal parties have grown in popularity in recent years. They’re an exciting way to make the big announcement about the sex of your new baby, while also allowing friends and family to celebrate their excitement about the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. So whether you are a parent planning your own baby’s gender reveal, or a loved one planning a reveal for the expectant parents, here are three ways you can make your gender reveal party even more special and memorable using preserved roses.

Customize Themed Centerpieces

When it comes to gender reveal parties, pink and blue roses are best sellers for obvious reasons! Roses have always represented innocence and new life, fitting for a party surrounding a baby. For centerpieces, consider alternating pink preserved rose bouquets with blue preserved rose bouquets. If you won’t have assigned seating, allow guests to sit at the table with the color associated with the gender they believe the baby will be!

Alternatively, you can create custom mixed preserved arrangements, with some blue roses and some pink roses within the same bouquet. For smaller, more intimate gatherings, we suggest using arrangements from the Small Square Collection. For larger gender reveal parties, the Large Square or Large Round Collections are more appropriate as centerpieces.

Fun & Games With Preserved Flowers

In addition to their use as party decor, preserved roses can add to the FUN of your gender reveal party! There are many ways to use preserved flowers for party games. Consider having roses from our Small Round Collection in both pink and blue varieties available for guests as they enter the party. Direct each guest to take a single rose of the color they think represents the baby’s gender before the reveal. In addition to being able to visually share their opinion at the party, this is a fun conversation starter for guests at the same table who may or may not know each other. Once everyone has chosen a color, stand on an elevated surface to take an aerial photo of everyone’s choice. This makes a fun photo to mark the occasion for the parents to be after the party! And the best part? These single roses can be repurposed as party favors, a beautiful take-home that lasts up to a year after the event!

The Big Reveal

Our favorite way to use preserved rose arrangements at gender reveal parties is for the moment of truth - the big reveal! This idea can also be used whether the parents choose to learn the sex of their baby before the gender reveal party or at the same time as their guests. If choosing the latter, the parents-to-be can request that the ultrasound tech delivery the gender results in a sealed envelope instead of saying it out loud. This envelope can be given to a trusted friend or family member and ask them to order a bouquet corresponding to the gender from our site.

When the time comes for the reveal, the future parents are presented with one of our beautiful arrangements, and the lid is removed to reveal pink or blue flowers. Be sure someone is present to photograph the faces of the guests when the reveal occurs! For maximum visual impact, we’d recommend one of our larger bouquets, from the Large Square or Large Round Collections. These flowers can be repurposed as a decoration for the nursery when baby arrives.   

When it comes to using preserved roses to create a one-of-a-kind gender reveal party, your creativity is the only limit! Pink and blue preserved roses not only set the mood for a celebration of new life, but can also make fun and beautiful parting gifts for your guests, serving as a reminder of your event for up to a year. If you have questions on customizing arrangements for your gender reveal party, or are looking for other unique ways to incorporate preserved roses, call Le Jardin Infini at (844) 552-7346.
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