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Fall Into Romance With Preserved Roses

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Fall Into Romance With Preserved Roses

Summer is fun and full of adventure - but as the leaves begin to change color, we start to look for someone to settle down and enjoy the cool fall with. Flowers have always been associated with love, so giving them as a gift can help to naturally express romantic feelings. Whether you’re looking to create romance with someone new, nurture a blossoming romance, or shower your loved one with romantic gestures this autumn, Le Jardin Infini can help. Here are some romantic gestures to help spice up your fall. 

Introduce Romance Into A Relationship

Is there someone you’d like to take the next step with? Perhaps you’ve been in the “friend zone” with that person from the gym, or maybe you had a summer fling that you’d like to become more serious. If you’re hoping to bring romance into a relationship, using flowers is a great way to do it. Here are a couple suggestions to help light a fire in a new relationship:

  • Start small: choose a single flower, like one from our Small Round or Single Acrylic collection. 
  • Send your flower with a short message. If you have an upcoming date, your message could read something like “Looking forward to Friday.” If not, you could send a message like “Thinking of you…” 
  • Choosing a color is also important, as different colors carry different connotations. Check out our suggestions.

A bouquet from the Small Square collection makes a good “first move” as well. The key in early romance is not to jump the gun or overwhelm. Smaller arrangements for early romances pave the way for larger things to come!

Help Romance “Blossom” - Plan A Fall Scavenger Hunt

Fall is a great time to bring spontaneity and fun into a blossoming romantic relationship. Plan an afternoon of fun for your date by creating a scavenger hunt that ends with a fall picnic by candlelight.

  • Create a list of 4-5 spots that have special significance to your early relationship. Try to time out your date’s journey so they will arrive to the final destination at dusk.
  • Give your date a clue of the first location they should go to, starting them on a scavenger hunt.
  • Leave a single preserved rose (like the Small Round or Single Acrylic) at each location, each containing a riddle or clue about where your special someone should go to next.
  • Wait at your final destination - a local park or nature preserve - where you will setup a special candlelight picnic complete with a full bouquet of roses, like one from our Medium or Large Round collections.

Going to lengths like this to make sure your date has an enjoyable afternoon shows that you are willing to invest time and effort - important elements that help to build a lasting relationship.

 A Night In: Create A Romantic Ambiance For Your Loved One

 When you live with your significant other and have a long history together, romance sometimes gets lost in the monotony of day to day life. Here are some ideas for a romantic gesture to reignite your long-term romance.

  • Setup a candlelit bath, complete with calming music, to help your significant other relax. Adding several drops of relaxing essential oils like lavender or rose oil is a great touch.
  • Toss rose petals from a few fresh roses into the tub.
  • Gift your loved one with a big cozy robe, waiting just outside of the tub.
  • Leave a large preserved arrangement, like one of our Heart Shaped bouquets, waiting on your bed.

Simple gestures like this go a long way to show your loved one that you still care. And creating an environment for relaxation is the ultimate gift of love!

Ready to FALL into romance with preserved flowers? No matter the phase of your relationship, we can help! Order your arrangement online here, or give us a call at 1-844-5-JARDIN (527346)

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