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Elevate Your Next Event With Preserved Flower Arrangements

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Elevate Your Next Event With Preserved Flower Arrangements

Hosting a successful event is a challenge. As the host, your goal to create an atmosphere where your guests can enjoy themselves and experience the event in a meaningful and memorable way. So how do you do it? Guest experience starts with ambience - the way the event setting affects the five senses. Here we’ll explore how you can use preserved floral arrangements in a variety of ways to set the stage for an experience your guests won’t soon forget. With Le Jardin Infini’s original preserved flowers, your guests will be talking about your event for years to come - as long as the flowers will last!

Bridal & Baby Shower Centerpieces

Flowers have always been a pillar of bridal and baby showers, since they represent the femininity and innocence of both a bride-to-be as well as an expectant mother and her child. Since flowers are to be expected at a shower, make yours stand out by using roses that last for a year. For intimate settings like a shower, 19 Roses in a Round Box make incredible centerpieces. These boxed roses are simply stunning and create a perfect talking point among guests who may not know each other well. If you’ll be hosting games during the party, these centerpieces serve dual-purpose and can be used as prizes for the lucky winners, who will be reminded of your event each time they look at their arrangement.

Wedding Keepsakes & Bridesmaids Gifts

In preparation for a wedding, couples are faced with hundreds of decisions about their special day. Among these decisions, the bride and groom must choose a keepsake for their guests as well as a gift for each member of their bridal party. Why not choose a favor that also serves a purpose, both the night of your wedding and after? By giving preserved flowers as your wedding favors, your gifts also serve as focal points for your table and will last for a year after your big night. For a touch of romance and elegance, use a single rose in a simple yet beautiful round box. Alternatively, single rose from our Acrylic collection is reminiscent of the unforgettable Beauty and the Beast rose - symbolizing the unending love between you and your spouse. Choose colors to complement your wedding colors or choose our gold-dipped roses for an unforgettable and unique gift.

Charity Function Decor And Keepsakes

Generally, when hosting a charity function, your guests have paid a pretty penny for their tickets. Despite a worthy cause, as a charity event host, you want to make your guests feel as though they are getting their money’s worth from the experience. Square-boxed roses from our 4 Roses in a Square Box collection make beautiful centerpieces and displays for food and dessert tables. Since only the best flowers are chosen to preserve, your roses will look impeccable, and will no doubt be a topic of conversation. Because of their value, our boxed roses can even be used as part of an auction. When it's time to leave, roses in a box from the 25 Roses in a Square Box collection make affordable yet impressive gifts to top donors.

When it comes to decor and gifts for your next event, don’t settle for anything less than perfection. In choosing the original preserved rose from Le Jardin Infini, you’re buying into excellence and the attention to detail in each preserved petal. Our preservative is made of all natural ingredients to ensure that your flowers maintain the fragile beauty of a freshly picked rose. Choose from dozens of customizable containers and colors and buy preserved flowers online from the comfort of your own home. Click here for event inspiration, or contact us at and we’ll work with you to design the perfect arrangement for any event.

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