Celebrate Love with Preserved Roses from Le Jardin Infini this Valentine’s

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Celebrate Love with Preserved Roses from Le Jardin Infini this Valentine’s

Valentine’s day would be so easy if finding a unique and thoughtful gift wasn’t so hard!

Many people rush at the last minute to get something for their loved one, but you’re ahead of the pack, aren’t you?

There’s no doubt that roses are a popular gift for Valentine’s day. In fact, roses are practically synonymous with Valentine’s day, but why is that?

Why Roses on Valentine’s Day?

Gifting roses on Valentine’s day dates all the way back to the 17th century. King Charles II of Sweden discovered the beauty of roses while on a trip to Persia.

There was an intriguing art known as “the language of flowers.” It was an expressionist art where people would attempt to communicate using only flowers without a single word.

The fad became huge in Europe.

Giving someone a yellow flower meant you feel disappointed in them (ouch). Giving someone a purple hyacinth meant you were sorry and were begging for forgiveness (yikes). Giving someone the red rose (you guessed it) was a signal of deep love.

Gifting roses on Valentine’s day got truly popularized in Greek mythology. Legend has it that rose bushes grew in the ground from Aphrodite’s tears and the blood of her true love, Adonis. Aphrodite was later turned into the goddess Venus, and the rose was kept as her symbol of beauty and love.

Hold on, I need a tissue.

The Magic of Preserved Roses for Valentine’s Day

The thing about giving your loved on a rose on Valentine’s Day is that it’s supposed to represent love, yet it start wilting and dying within a few days!

That just doesn’t do justice to the true love that you want to express.

Now, imagine that you give your loved one the gift of roses, but this time, it lasts for at least a year. Now, that’s sending a message.

In the same way that your love is infinite, a preserved rose such as the classic black box with a heart made of roses also has an heir of immortality to it.

Give your loved one the most unique, thoughtful, and unforgettable gift they could’ve imagined.

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