Boost Sales With Wholesale Preserved Flowers

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Boost Sales With Wholesale Preserved Flowers

Are you a retailer interested in selling preserved roses from Le Jardin Infini? 

While our entire collection of preserved flowers are available online for same-day shipping, there's something special about seeing (and touching!) our luxurious preserved roses in real life. Retailers who carry our preserved roses often use them as a sales promotion or as an add-on to high-ticket items such as jewelry, luxury skincare, and couture handbags and shoes. These retailers have all reported a boost in sales when Le Jardin Infini preserved roses are displayed alongside their products! 

Why Sell Preserved Roses From Le Jardin Infini

Preserved flowers have many benefits over traditional fresh flowers, and especially over artificial flowers:

Real roses that last a year - or longer! We use a natural preserving solution to keep our real roses looking as gorgeous as the day they were picked.

Real flower look and feel. Our preserved roses have a soft, supple feel and maintain their vibrant color year-round. 

More affordable than maintaining fresh flowers all year. If your store uses fresh flower displays all year, you'll be surprised by how much you can save using preserved roses instead. We did the math breakdown in this blog

Boost sales by using our preserved roses as an add-on item. Our preserved roses in acrylic boxes with drawers make beautiful displays for products, and can be used as special promotions for holidays such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. 

Draw in more shoppers. Our preserved flower arrangements are visually stunning, especially in-person. When you display our roses in your storefront windows, shoppers won't be able to pass by without stopping to admire them - and possibly stopping in!

Who Can Sell Le Jardin Infini Preserved Roses

We offer business-only wholesale pricing to a variety of retailers:

  • Florists - Online and brick and mortar florists can offer their customers preserved roses alongside their traditional fresh cut arrangements. 
  • Department Stores - Preserved flower arrangements are beautiful additions to jewelry and cosmetic counters and glass display cases around the front of department stores and in high-traffic areas.
  • Jewelry Stores - Preserved rose arrangements are a perfect add-on item for high-end jewelry sales, especially around major holidays.
  • Couture Boutiques - Preserved roses are gorgeous displays alongside handbags, shoes, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry in couture boutiques.
  • Gift Shops - Niche gift shops can dedicate a space to display multiple preserved flower arrangements from all of our collections for a gift at every price point. 

Contact Us To Learn More About Wholesale Preserved Rose Pricing

Le Jardin Infini offers competitive pricing on our wholesale preserved roses. Our business-only pricing is designed to allow you to balance your inventory with sales while maximizing profits on every sale of preserved roses.

We have several collections to choose from, ranging from a simple single rose in a box, to an impressive display of more than four dozen roses in an elegant suede box. We will work with you to understand your customers and help you select the best products to sell in your store.

Interested in becoming a retailer of Le Jardin Infini? Fill out our wholesale preserved roses contact form, and we'll be in touch!

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